Europe And Egypt’s State Security were one hand!!!

After Egyptian revolutionaries stormed the buildings of Egypt’s state security departments which were known for their disgraceful acts against Egyptians by arresting, spying and torturing civilians without any legal procedures, a lot of documents were leaked. A Fellow friend on twitter sent me a file out of the files leaked from the Egyptian State Security Department which contains information about a German company in the UK that offered a spying software to let the SS spy on activists and of course arrest and torture them later.

While searching on Google about the company to make sure of the authenticity of the documents I found an article on FrankfurterRundschau newspaper – well known in Germany- which is related to the document, the article was translated by a friend on twitter @exiledsurfer and here is the translation:

Documents seized during the storming of the Cairo offices of the Egyptian State Security reveal that Spying software comes allegedly from a British company.

Quoted from a letter with the representatives of gamma international lawyers Schertz and Bergman:

“The offer that you are possibly referring to does not come from our client, rather from the separate company of Gamma International UK ltd, in Great Britain.”

Both companies however, appear together on their internet page, along with many other companies offering the product called “Finfisher”, such as German company Elaman, whose website also advertises the product, which is capable spying on a users mail programs, as well as void programs, without the user’s knowledge. “Finfisher” was mentioned in the offer to the Egyptian state security, including training and service, for the sum of 400,000 euros.

The lawyers for Gamma International Gmbh refused answer any questions regarding other firms of the Gamma Group. The companies share an almost identical logo, and appear together at conventions such as the ISS World in Dubai in February of this year offering the Finfisher software to representatives of the state security officers from countries in the Middle East and Africa.

In Germany, the sale of such “trojan” software is forbidden under the so-called “Hacker Paragraph” under Section 202c of the Criminal Code

From another article on the same website:

“The Munich prosecutor’s office is investigating Gamma Group gmbh, but it is unlikely that charges will be able to be filed against them”

You can find the original articles Here & Here

The original document in Arabic has been translated and corrected by fellow friends on twitter as well who are: @shyamoudy and others who preferred to keep their identity anonymous Reviewed by: @NancyAngela & @HodaOmran

you can download the original Arabic document Here as well as the English translation Here

According to this type of software is capable of hacking into any operating system whether a mobile or a computer collecting all the info to an unbelievable extent.

Yes, the world is full of terrorists. Yes, We need state security departments to protect us. But the question remains… What is your goddamn limit? In Europe for example in order to go through your history or to spy on you an investigation or a court order or any kind of legal procedure should be taken first according to logical reasons. And the debate is still going on for how long the history of your usage should be archived. But in Egypt that is not the case where they are monitoring each letter you write, each call you make, each step you take. All that without any kind of any supervision, you may be kidnapped by the state security at any moment, tortured to death or if you are lucky they may jail you without anyone knowing anything about it.

The question here is how come countries who call for freedom and justice help countries like Egypt or UAE by providing software of this kind which helps them achieve their goals in torturing and killing anyone who might oppose their regimes? How come such countries that has been a great model for human rights to allow such a horrible thing?

From here I am calling for each one who might be able to take a step for justice and sue any company who might have cooperated with any state security department that belongs to a country that does not support human rights, as those activists who were tortured and those who died, died because of them. Their blood is on no one but those greedy companies who thought of money by marketing their products without taking into consideration what it might do to other human beings in another part of the world.

Special thanks to all who helped in the translation process and i would appreciate your comments whether if you liked the post or not, whether if you are with or against such a principle.


Mina Naguib


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5 Responses to Europe And Egypt’s State Security were one hand!!!

  1. Mazen Aman says:

    Mina, you really make me proud of my country youth.
    Amazing efforts and job.
    You did a kind of investigative journalism without any training.
    Please go after them.
    Thanks again

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  3. jiamei says:

    amazing amazing info. thank you for posting this.

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