Ramy Essam – A protester not a thug

This video shows what happened to Ramy Essam AKA the singer of the Revolution and you will find the translation below:

Ramy Essam was tortured by the military on the 9th of March 2011

We have with us Ramy Essam who composed the chants and the slogans of the revolution

Ramy singing and the song translates:

When you are working hard … Cause you are keen on the national interest

Your work appears to be useless… Cause nothing rises except the low – The low refers to the NDP –

Bow your head, bow, bow … you are in a democratic nation

When it’s protector is it’s thief … And he threw his country behind his back

Going up and down stealing it… Depending on his police uniform

Bow your head, bow, bow … you are in a democratic nation

Bow your head, bow, bow … you are in a democratic nation

Bow your head, bow, bow … you are in a democratic nation

Ramy Telling what happened with him:

My name is Ramy Essam on Wednesday 9th of March in Tahrir Square the military stormed suddenly with a lot of thugs, they were all determined to go and evacuate all the protestors from the square and end the sit-in, they took a lot of people and I was one of them, they took us to the national Egyptian museum, from the moment we entered inside they started brutally beating us without hearing us at all.

In the beginning I didn’t want to object to any soldier as there were a lot of thugs, I thought of going to any of the high ranked soldiers cause they would understand me better, the total opposite happened the high ranked soldiers were dealing with us even more brutal than the normal soldiers, they didn’t hear me out at all or gave me a chance to talk. Once I entered they started beating me unmercifully, threw me on the ground and stripped me out of my clothes, they cut off my hair, they used a lot of ways to beat me they used stickes, iron rods, pipes, hoses, wires, belts, etc..  when they kick us to the ground they keep stepping on our heads with their shoes, and a lot of times a major and a captain comes on towards me and one of them jumped in the air and came down with both his feet on my face and back, then they took me behind the security booth in the museum and they put my face in the dirt and kept throwing dirt all over my face, then they started using electric shock on me and more than one were shocking me with electricity at the same time. And I’m resorting to god because of the Egyptian military.

Ramy Singing:

Laugh you revolutionaries … Ha Ha Ha … what did they say? … few inferiors !!

Laugh you revolutionaries … Ha Ha Ha … what did they say? … we are all saboteurs!!


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5 Responses to Ramy Essam – A protester not a thug

  1. Lety Chavez says:

    I like your posts, mabrouk! God bless your contry.

  2. anollipian says:

    Now I’m not getting it!
    Is that true ?? Ok , if even our army is like that … Whom should we trust then !!

  3. Flash Games says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

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