My Rhyming Diary

It has been a very long time

Since i wrote something that rhymes

There are no words that can define

My reminiscing to home that is not fine

At some point we had to make it

We spent a lot of years in denial

There was no other way around

To get those bastards to trial

Spent a lot of days writing

For the 25th with a hell of hope

Afraid and thrilled with all the waiting

Hoping it would be the day when no one copes

Spending hours everyday contemplating

But somehow my memories are fading

Memories of the glorious demonstrating

In Tahrir when we were history making

I told my parents some lame stories

To go out and join the protests

And after i saw the people’s glories

I knew the streets will never rest

I witnessed violence that i have never seen

Suffered from pain that i couldnt endure

But it made me determined and keen

To get my country the needed cure

Despite of the poluted downtown air

It smelled like the best perfume ever

The smell of freedom was everywhere

And this was the best experience ever


About justanegyptian

Just An Egyptian
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2 Responses to My Rhyming Diary

  1. Sattamuni says:

    I tried to say it as a hip/hop lyrics, dude that’s AWESOME, na2iis beat w tb2a TRACK 😀

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