A Video Worth More Than A Million Words

Since i saw this video over a month ago i just couldn’t stop listening to it, also, i had a lot of thoughts and comments on such a wonderful piece of music and i thought i must write my comments that were inspired by it.
First of all, the track starts with the Islamic “Azan” which is chanted by mosques at times of prayer announcing that the prayer is about to start, then Tania Kassis the Lebanese singer starts singing the amazing latin ancient song composed back in 1859 Ave Maria to create a harmony that would take you to another calm dimension to realize how simple it can be for different believes to unite.
A lot of radical Islamists prohibit women from singing and even some radicals prohibit women from speaking to men except their relatives on the basis that a woman’s voice is an attractive thing that must not be heard or it will be a sin.
Tania Kassis who is Christian, thus, unveiled singing with her amazing voice with Muslims came to crush all the barriers those radicals have built to separate the people belonging to the same nation apart.
Singing for Ave Maria who is considered as the mother of God in the Christian faith while the men singing God is the greatest, I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God. we all know that both statements contradict each other some way or another, but if you don’t know the language and know nothing of both faiths won’t you enjoy this great melody?
As people say a picture is worth a thousand words, and for me…. i consider this video is worth books written about religions and faiths and it is worth over a million words.

Mina Naguib


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  1. Azza says:

    wonderfulllll, 🙂

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