The Taboo Of Virginity

In most of the Arab world “virginity” is considered as a sacred thing that a woman should keep till she gets married, in fact not only in the Arab world but in many countries, conservatives do exist and with being conservative you should keep your virginity till marriage.

This is not to encourage loosing virginity or not – I’m not this naïve or stupid – but this is to pinpoint how we may reach from being a conservative society to a barbaric nonhuman society. Statistics show that 5000 honor killings occur annually mostly either because of adultery or suspicion of an affair and all of them are women

In Egypt between 1998 and 2001 125 honor killings have been reported in the press 9% of them were murder of a females because of adultery and 90% of the victims were women

It doesn’t stop here, from years and years with the idea of “A girl who committed adultery for a reason or another should be killed” it lead to “A girl who isn’t a virgin should be killed”. And on the other side “A guy who lost his virginity is considered as a hero in the family”. Of course this case is attached only to the ignorant families and not to generalize the idea on all the country. But we forgot about what if a girl was raped? What if a girl got divorced and her husband was a bastard? Did they just lose their whole future of a healthy relationship for good for something that was out of their hands?

I remember well my mother telling me once when I was a kid “don’t think that I’d be happy if I found you dating a couple of girls at the same time, the reputation of a boy is just like that of a girl, we aren’t living in Upper Egypt here”, I really found it ridiculous at that time but now I realized how she was totally right.

We did put wrong standards in our societies and from my point of view, judging a girl by her virginity or appearance is pure BULLSHIT! I may fall in love with a girl who isn’t a virgin; will I leave her to get any marriage for the sake of being the first man in a girl’s life? – which will be a lie – What kind of sickness will that be?

Just admit it yourself, it is nearly impossible that you have never been in a relationship before marriage, so after the invention of this Chinese thing that may restore virginity to a girl with as cheap as $15 it seems like an Arab man should either accept the fact that his future wife may have had relationships before him and accept that truth with no problems or – and that’s the most effective one  although I hate it – live a lie and pretend as if you are DA MAN!!

There are 100s of horrifying videos of honor killings which got me in a very bad insomnia but I just attached this report so you may get an idea instead of watching a video of brutal violence to reconsider your believes.


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One Response to The Taboo Of Virginity

  1. Elisa Michelle says:

    I’ve heard of this before though, again, I’m not from Egypt and don’t know the customs. It’s horrible that someone would have to die for committing adultery no matter what the reason (the husband was a jerk and so on). It seems the issue of virginity is a serious one no matter where you go in the world. Here in the US, women are in a Catch-22, that is to say, a lose-lose situation. If you don’t have sex before marriage, to your peers you’re a prude and a snob. If you do have sex before marriage, suddenly you’re a slut and a tramp. It’s like people don’t want to admit sex is, surprise, surprise, going to happen and often does happen before marriage. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem right.

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