Lessons From Twitter !

Most probably you know well what you are about to read, but I really wanted to share such an experience using Twitter and explain its uniqueness among other famous social networks.

Putting aside all the communication with celebrities from actors to bloggers, writers, etc… which is great. Twitter is totally different than any other network as you can actually see through a person on the level of awareness and mentality instead of pictures, hobbies and favorite music or videos.

It did happen to me that sometimes I may communicate with a user not knowing if this user is a boy or a girl, old or young, not knowing his/her religion, social standard, appearance and anything that might make me prejudice; and I find this user’s mentality away better than 90% of the people who I actually know and respect!!!

It is not about making friends or keeping relations like Facebook, it literally makes you see through a person and know that somewhere someone somehow may actually be having the same thoughts as you, someone may give you an advice or teach you something that you wouldn’t find in books or by using Google.

Honestly it kind of freaks me out when someone from Twitter who I don’t know at all adds me on Facebook but on Twitter it is totally normal to talk with strangers and in fact I get kind of freaked out when someone I know well follows me on Twitter as he/she would see the real me!

At the end I’d just love to say Twitter is no Facebook, Twitter lets you watch a person’s mind not his/her pictures.


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5 Responses to Lessons From Twitter !

  1. Mina says:

    i like it 🙂

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  4. Mariam says:

    I agree. Twitter is indeed a website that you get addicted to, not because you idly chat with friends and view their pictures, but because it brings out the real you for the whole world to see.

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