Dear “Men Of God”

Get those shackles of of me

Cause i just left your fraternity

You will never win the battle with me

Cause i had enough of your hypocrisy


You do nothing but spread some lies

You keep insulting and not apologize

You’ve got nothing but a wicked prologize

And it’s my turn to say that i’m wise


Who are you to force what is right?

I didn’t ask for my freedom to fight

I just can’t keep singing day and night

So you keep insisting on how you are bright


Just abide by the rules of humanity

And get off your rediculous vanity

Or leave us! we don’t need your generosity

Cause i’m tired of this endless profanity


You were the ones who stopped editions

You even prohibited science expeditions

Still insisting to complete your missions

To screw our nation in the name of traditions


In the name of secularity i can criticize

I respect everyone who do apologize

Not just because of anyone’s beard size

I bow for science and for anyone who is wise


So, Dear “Men of God” i hope you go to hell

So billions of humans may get off your spell

But maybe hell is just a metaphor to tell

I really wish i can cram you all in a cell


About justanegyptian

Just An Egyptian
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