Maikel Nabil – A Blogger Not A War Criminal!

Maikel Nabil is a 26 year old Egyptian blogger and founder of the “No for Compulsory Military Service Movement” that started in 2009. He was arrested so many times because of his controversial political and religious views.

After writing a post on his blog on the 7th of March 2011 titled “The Military and the People were never one hand” which was a research he did himself covering all the violations of the Egyptian army against human rights by arresting and torturing a huge number of protesters as well as activists, he got arrested on the 28th of March 2011 at night from his home in Ain Shams, Cairo for a military prosecution as he was accused of insulting the military and spreading wrong information.

Maikel had no chance of calling anyone or even a lawyer, he used a phone secretly from an officer to call his brother and tell him that he got arrested. Military prosecutions has been a big deal in Egypt as it is now normal for a civilian to get to a military court, sentenced to jail without a fair prosecution in front of a civilian court.

While Habib Eladly and Ahmed Ezz who were accused of killing protesters or stealing billions are being well serviced in Tora Prison and being prosecuted in a civilian court. Activists and bloggers are getting prosecuted in Military courts after getting tortured and humiliated in every single way!! Up till today Maikel’s case is getting postponed while he is imprisoned because of his post.

Maikel is not a war criminal or a thug..he is just a blogger!! We demand an immediate release for Maikel as well as every activist who was arrested. Even thugs who were sentenced to jail by a military court should get a new fair prosecution in front of a civilian court and everyone who got tortured like the 174 boys and 17 girls who were arrested from Tahrir sq. on the 9th of march should get a fair compensation and everyone who was responsible for this incident should get arrested and prosecuted so we can put an end to this tragedy.

You can check Maikel’s blog here


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