Mubarak’s Speech 10th April 2011 translation

Broadcast the “Arab”, Sunday 04/10/2011, an audio tape of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, is his first since his estrangement from power. This text of the interview.

“Brothers and sisters of the people of Egypt ..

I was hurt a lot – and still – because of the accusations against me and my family, the unjust campaigns and false allegations of abuse designed to appeal to my reputation and my integrity in my attitude and the historical, political and military, where i worked hard for Egypt and its citizens .. in War and peace ..

You have chosen to abandon my post as President of the Republic .. Taking the interests of the nation and people above all else, and I chose to stay away from the political life .. Wishing to Egypt and its people good luck and success in the future.

However, I have spent a lifetime serving the country honorably and honestly, I do not have to be silent in the face of campaigns to connect the falsehood and slander and defamation, and the continued attempts to undermine my reputation and my integrity, and to challenge the reputation and integrity of my family. I have waited over the past weeks to give in the Egyptian Public Prosecutor the truth from all over the world, which according to my property for any non-cash assets or real estate or other property abroad.

from my believe that i have to face all those allegations, I have decided the following:

1 – building on what made its endorsement of my conscience financial final statement by stressing that it did not proprietary to any accounts or assets outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, I agree that I in any correspondence or signatures enable the Egyptian Public Prosecutor to ask the Egyptian foreign ministry contacts with all the Ministries of Foreign Affairs in all countries of the world to assure them myself with my wife and I to the disclosure of any balances us abroad since yet I work with public action militarily, politically, and to date, so make sure the Egyptian people, that his former boss has a home all assets and accounts of one of the Egyptian banks, according to disclosed it in financial disclosure final .

2 – my consent to provide any documents or signatures enable the Attorney-General of Egypt through the Egyptian Foreign Ministry contact with all the foreign ministries in all countries of the world to take appropriate legal action to see if my wife and I and any of my sons Alaa and Gamal have any real estate or any real estate assets directly or indirectly, whether commercial or personal since yet I work with public action militarily, politically, and to date so that everyone can make sure all the allegations a lie covered in the media and local and foreign newspapers about the huge real estate assets and alleged abroad I own me and my family.

This will become clear from the procedures that the elements and sources of funds and property of my sons Alaa and Gamal far from the suspicion of influence peddling or profiting illegally or illegally.

Accordingly, and after the concerned authorities of this and ensure safety and health, I keep all my legal rights against anyone who deliberately Nile from me and my reputation and the reputation of my family at home and abroad …

Brothers and Sisters
Egypt will always be for us all is the goal, and please ..
According to God and people of Egypt ..
On the road and hit a good pace of their children ..

May peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you .. “.


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  2. 7mdy says:

    God bless u mena

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