The luxury of getting in prison

I guess no one would disagree that justice was on the top of our demands during the Egyptian revolution. As a blogger who always defend human rights, I have always condemned military prosecutions against civilians whether if the civilian was a blogger, protester, thief or a thug the principle is the same!

After the army took over the country for the transition period we all expected the prosecution of all the regime’s men and although it was a bit slow but most of the known figures are now having the luxury of imprisonment at Tora prison which is known as the “businessmen prison”. I am not against a fair civil prosecution of those bastards!! But, on the other hand hundreds of protesters have been tortured, humiliated and sent to a military prosecution for either protesting or blogging against the military!!

We kept fighting against military prosecutions for civilians for a long time and nothing is changing. So, I keep asking myself what if those businessmen and x-ministers were tortured, humiliated and sent to military prosecutions won’t that be fair? Although I am against that but deep inside if I lost hope in fair prosecutions for the poor civilians then everyone should be treated the same!!

How come I treat people who stole billions and corrupted a country for years with dignity, respect and give them the luxury of having a civil trial with a lawyer and everything and on the other side I treat the revolutionaries by torturing them and sending them to jail right away and end their future?

For Maikel Nabil the only blogger who was taken from home and sent to a military prosecution because of his post against the Egyptian army, the last court session was supposed to be on Tuesday the 12th of April. The lawyers, activists and even Maikel himself didn’t know that on Monday the 11th of April he was sentenced to 3 years in jail!!! What the hell was that?!!

So technically speaking if Maikel was a businessman or a president who was responsible for the corruption in Egypt for the past 30 years, killed 500 protesters and gave orders to kill others, he would have been put in a luxurious palace in Sharm Elsheikh for a couple of months and then asked respectfully to go to the attorney’s office for an investigation. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG??!!!



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