The Lost Commandment

For the past decades religion has been interfering with science starting from the days when people thought illness shouldn’t be treated as it is a test or a punishment from God, passing by the days when people thought earth was flat and finally by our present when every priest or sheikh is trying to either prove that scientific facts are wrong or by proving that his scriptures are consistent with the latest scientific discoveries!!

A lot of sheikhs who are pro female genital mutilation, anti control of population etc… simply spread the ideas that such acts as leaving a female uncircumcised or using birth control aids are nothing but western ideas to ruin our Islamic heritage and our nation!!! Of course someone with such stupidity would make you laugh to the extent where you can’t argue on logical basis anymore.

It reached a point where you can watch a show on the TV where there is someone claiming being a doctor explaining the benefits of FGM and the horrible effects or shaping your eyebrows such as fragile bones!!! Can you imagine the point we reached where you speak in the name of science to prove that your religion is right?

For those of you who will get the idea of me attacking Islam etc… this is untrue as the sheikh Ali Gomaa said that the Hadith talking about female circumcision is  rated good as you know any Hadith would be rated either – weak, good or assured – so there is a chance it might be something not related to religion. So look at the facts away from religion once as I guess that there is a missing commandment that says “Thou shalt not use science when talking about me”.

Enjoy the videos I talked about:


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2 Responses to The Lost Commandment

  1. Soumees says:

    Here’s what I don’t understand about people supporting FGM on the ground that it’s a religious question.. Why is it restricted to specific regions on the planet and are not equally distributed in the Muslim world? W

  2. Soumees says:

    Here’s what I don’t understand about ppl who support FGM on ‘religious’ grounds.. Why is FGM restricted to specific regions on the planet and not equally spread out across the Muslim world? Why is there no record or tradition that Prophet Mohamed subjected any of his daughters to this barbaric act or required it of any of his wives? Enough of using religion to justify mutilation and enough of using science to justify deviations of religion!

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