Controversy with Article 2 in the Human Rights Act!

I do agree that the human rights act is not a scripture as it is subject to modification; so we can always assure the development of human beings. That is why in this post I would like to point some controversial points regarding the relation between schools and religious or philosophical convictions.

From my point of view, forcing a child to memorize scriptures or force an ideology on him/her such as religious or political views should be considered as a crime as it is in fact nothing but a brainwashing procedure for a infant. Let us go through the coming 2 scenarios and see the difference.

Scenario 1: A child who learned about all religions, all political streams in school and when he/she turned 18 chose which religion or faith to embrace and which political agenda to support.

Scenario 2: Those videos would explain it better than writing about it!!

There is another video Here with subtitles so you can get the point clearer

How come we force a kid who is 2 years old to memorize things he/she doesn’t even understand? What is even more shocking is how their parents and other people are proud of them!! Is that better than teaching them logical thinking, science, mathematics etc….?

We reached a point in Egypt –which is considered as moderate nation– where many Muslims still believe that Christians worship 3 Gods while many Christians believe that it is not a sin for a Muslim if he killed or raped a Christian!! We did reach this point because of the lack of education and the stupid separated religion classes in addition to the wrong way of bringing up children at home. One of a sudden BAM you’ve got yourself a handful of sectarian clashes which we’ve never heard of in Egypt!

According to Part II, Article 2 of the human rights act no person shall be denied the right to education. In the exercise of any functions which it assumes in relation to education and to teaching, the State shall respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions.

So basically parents have the right to prohibit their children from attending classes that may be against their religious or philosophical convictions. So creationists would prohibit their children from knowing anything about evolution and atheists would prohibit their children from knowing about religions etc… and by the end of the day we face the same problem again which is brainwashed youth knowing nothing about the world except that they are right and every opposing idea is wrong.

In my point of view, the State should ensure the proper education and awareness to its citizens by teaching science and religions to all the students as all children are equal in their right to knowing everything. In conclusion I think inheriting religious and political views from parents shouldn’t be decided by the parents but by the child himself when he turns 16 or 18.

The question remains here, are you with or against giving the parents the right to force their children to memorize religious verses in addition to prohibiting their children from knowing what is different than their believes?.


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20 Responses to Controversy with Article 2 in the Human Rights Act!

  1. Suha Naser says:

    That is in fact a very difficult issue to make a decision on.

    The way I see it , religions are based on belief and faith. I don’t really encourage the idea of children attending classes of various faiths because that will surely get them all mixed up.

    What I would do with my own children is explain to them what my religion is and what it’s based upon , and when they become mature enough they can ask and read as much as they can to get to the truth by themselves.

    Islam itself indicates that a person should be fully aware of his faith

    Abraham said: “My Lord! Show me how Thou givest life to the dead.” He said: “Dost thou not then believe?” He said: “Yea! but to satisfy My own undertaking.”


    “There is no compulsion in matters of Faith”
    ‘If it had been your Lord’s Will, they would all have believed. Will you then compel mankind against their will, to believe!’.

    And of course I’ll teach about the importance of coexistence.

    Thank you for the beautiful topic ! And I hope I’ve answered your question 🙂

  2. mona safey says:

    i guess parents should not have the power over forcing their children to learn any thing , coming from some horror case i have seen in our society lately which is very highly educated people stop their children from going to school due to religious beliefs and they are from the highly educated people imagine ,but what is the tool that can guarantee to the parent that there is no other ideologies forced on their child , also let me tell u that convincing the parents that their children isn’t going to be like them is a very very hard idea that world isn’t ready for it as people still see thier children a some as them selves continued in the world not totally independent human beings

  3. Now we have got 2 different opinions and to add, here in Sweden i heard a lot of Muslims prohibit their children from attending religions classes, i saw 7 year old girls veiled!! they do that to ensure they follow Islam!!

    shouldn’t the country do something about that?

  4. Hoda Elsherif says:

    AGREE, Totally agree with you BUT the shitty education in Egypt will continue to brainwash everyone. My best friend lives in CAI, my cousin will not check her hand because she is Coptic! she is closer to me than my cousin, but I am there for a short time, cannot change stupid culture and keep everyone happy I separate them,, feeling stupid myself.
    We must start with kindergarten this year and re-brainwash the kids in order to have Muslims and Coptic living together as Egyptians in 18 years..

  5. Suha Naser says:

    About the religions classes , yes I am with that because I am 100% they’ll end up confused. They have to be aware enough to realize other point of views.

    In that case I would recommend an obligatory class on coexistence.

    About the veil , I’m against imposing anything on anyone. I believe they should wait until she’s mature enough to explain to her what the veil is about and she has the freedom of choice afterwards. Imposing it is pointless because she’ll do what she believes is right eventually.

    Um , I don’t think the country should interfere because it’ll make this worse I suppose :/

    • but on the other hand knowing nothing about other religions would make coexistence harder!

      knowing information about other religions in school is important as it helps in communication with members of other religions as they know their faith

      The religious teachings should be inside the church or a mosque not in a school… what do you think?

  6. Suha Naser says:

    To me a coexistence class should teach them what’s in common between all religions , and how all faiths are based on coexistence (without mentioning specific details on every religion)

    For example : All religions require that we believe in a creator and that we should do good deeds.
    (Without explaining how every religion perceive God and with talking about the 99% of good deeds that ALL religions have in common !)

    Do you get my point ?

    Umm , not necessarily , there can be separate classes as long as they’re are all obliged to attend the coexistence class. (And it would be very cute if it was right after each Islamic / Christian class 😀 )

    Sorry for repeating teh word “coexistence ” more than 100 times ^__^

    • no i really appreciate your solution as it is perfect for Egypt or many Arab countries, but in my point of view talking about the Abrahamic religions only is not enough as the kids should know about non-Abrahamic religions as well as they are a huge part of our planet

  7. Ramy says:

    Great article and a point well made. Allow me to expand on a couple issues.
    Miracle exists in the quran as commonly believed, the words of the Quran are the miracle so memorizing it and not understanding it is in itself a great blessing. that is why young children memorizing the Quran are given awards. In that respect do parents transfer that culture to their kids.
    As a parent I am against my children having to take religion at class. Not because I am against what they are taught but because they are separated. As a parent also, children ask specific questions about God as they grow up, and as a parent I have to answer questions according to what I believe.
    What we see in the first and second video is not sharing faith when children Ask questions it is rather nurturing children with hate speech against others.

  8. It’s really stupid the idea of separate religion classes !
    There should be a class called “history of world religions” in an academic way same as a Christian may study “Islamic history” in college.
    If parents want to educate their children more on religion they should go to religious sermons in mosques and churches.
    The mosque was always a place for learning but today people just use it for praying only and not for knowledge..they get their knowledge from TV and the internet !
    Parents are too lazy to religiously educate their children so they want the fast and easy way..TV

    Also the religous texts in school will always be politicaly correct which creates a one eyed religious person who can be fooled easily when he hears extremists.

    For example the verses of Jihad are never explained in school, so when a child grows up thinking that he does not have the right to defend himself..the first explanation of Jihad verses he will hear he will believe because he has no knowlege and that explanation can come from an extremist.

    I think the best way for us to love one another is to know one another I hope that in the future in shaa Allah there will be panels of discussion(and not debate) about our religions.

  9. Araby says:

    I don’t agree with you, parents have to give their children the right education by planting the religious values from the beginning, and after that when they grow up they continue learning about religion and about other life issues. What you don’t agree on is the best way for learning and building up a good knowledgeable generations for the future. The second point is i think people have the right to teach and learn their children what will be valuable for them as individuals and for the society when they grow up.

  10. M. says:

    Forcing a 5 year old girl to wear a veil is just sick and revolting… I also think that religion classes should be banned and replaced by history of religions classes ..In order to ensure equality between citizens, Schools must be non-denominational compulsory and of cousre Education should be free.

  11. Suha Naser says:

    The solution I proposed was for the Arab world in particular as you have stated . They can have a slight idea on non-Abrahamic religions , but main emphasis should be on the 3 main religions in the Arab world.

    Oh and I think the same thing should be done with the whole Sunni – Shi’a issue , the amount of hate is just intolerable and is causing horrible civil wars in countries like Iraq and Lebanon 😦

  12. Actually the girl in the first video is 2 years old!! it killed me when she said the Jews are the ones who anger god and the Christians are the astray!! whenever i watch such stuff i wish there was a law that would let me sue such a father who took away the innocence of a 2 year old girl !! 😦

  13. Elisabeth says:

    I was brought up in a country where we had to learn about all the religions of the world, and how religion an history is connected. This has not led to any confution, for me, or for anyone I know.
    For me this knowledge has given me tools to understand other peoples faith, history and culture. And therefore also made me more tolerant and accepting of wiews that differ from my own.
    And it has definately made it easier for me to recognise extreme wiews in different religions.
    As a teacher, I think all religious preaching (not the same as teching), belongs in the religious institutions. To me, a school means a “neutral” place for knowledge.

    As a parent, I am fully aware of the dillemmas that comes with raising children, and how important it is for parents to pass their values on to their children. But in my wiew, using force or coercion is not an acceptable way to achieve this.

    Neither do I know ANY religion that does approve of people being forced in to believing. (By the use of threats, violence or physical or mental “superiority”, or emotional blackmail)
    They all require knowledge, and full voluntarily, concious commitment.

  14. wagdy says:

    great Article

  15. aljiddawi says:

    i went to school in egypt n in saudi arabia.never took religion classes seriously.always thought of them as a necessary evil dictated by the hypocracy thats caused when politics and religion are mixed 2gether.schools should not get into the religion business.what parents do with their kids is a different matter.i think in the future the parent-child relationship will be safeguarded by laws that protect the children physically,emotionally and last point.ppl who make their religion their identity have a serious identity problem.

  16. Nema Herzallah says:

    I will talk from my own experience with my 3 years old son. And please do correct me if I’m wrong.
    Never force your child to do or say anything just to please you or satisfy your inner ego.
    Let her/him be. They are way smarter than we all think. Always listen to them.
    And understand what they are trying to tell you, as a parents you should clearly understand them, otherwise you’re a dinosaur not a parents 
    Don’t try to fill her/his mind with all stupid stuff. Let them explore and decide what’s suit them. And believe me they can no matter how old are they.
    Our role as parents is to provide our kids with all the support they need no matter what way of life they choose and always be there for them.
    Not talking only about religion. I’m talking about all aspects of life.
    Just show them the road and let them decide whether they like to go through or not
    Our kids see this life through our eyes so we need to be as honest & transparent as possible with them so that we can provide them with our experience to learn from but at the same time not to be forced

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