My Letter To A Random Human Being

Dear Human being,

We live in a fucked up, unbalanced and an unfair world…. yuppp that is the truth whether you like it or not… i don wanna sound like a hippie but simply we are over 6 billion ugly creatures moving on this planet doing nothing but killing each other just like some animals in a forest.

We do have liberals, seculars, conservatives, rightists, leftists, communists, socialists, islamists, racists etc… and those who call themselves “moderates” as well. 🙂

But what is the point from this diversity by the end of the day?… i’ll tell you what is the point… everyone wants a world of his own according to his own laws and believes to wander around and live happily ever after. BUT THIS IS A FUCKIN DREAM!!

The reality is… the world will always have people getting killed, robbed, raped, etc… our job is just to try making it a little bit better but it seems like we forgot about that and believed that we can make it a little bit better by abolishing a specific sector(s) from our planet.

I hope you get better,


Mina Naguib


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One Response to My Letter To A Random Human Being

  1. ضياء says:

    Define “better”. It happens that different groups have different views concerning what a “better world” is. In fact, I can picture scenarios where groups fight over which vision of a “better world” is the right one :D.

    Fuck my life!

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