The world without humans

I need some time away from the crowd

Suddenly everyone became so loud

The world has adopted chaos with no doubt

I just want my voice heard without having to shout

I know deep inside that I’m not alone

I’m sure some time I’ll witness dawn

Keeping optimism without frown

Believing that soon humanity will be shown

I can’t hear a thing clearly anymore

Just watching TV while lying on the floor

Following violence and waiting for more

It became normal watching hardcore

Witnessing the world crumbling before me

While listening to calm music and sipping tea

Waiting for the next war with curiosity

While debating the past one endlessly

We don’t differ from animals at all

In fact, humans did nothing but howls

Other animals are better in everything

They don’t care about capitalists or communism

Is that the world that we want to live in?

Where we kill or just give in?

 The world without humans will be free of dins

Just calm and quiet without any sins


About justanegyptian

Just An Egyptian
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One Response to The world without humans

  1. very good….God bless

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