Just a random thought

After decades and decades of oppression we reached a point where we can’t even differentiate between what is right and what is wrong! We reached a point where we don’t know each other! Yes, Egyptians don’t know themselves and that is a fact

When an average Egyptian – as I used to think – has friends between 20 and 30 who has got their own jet skies and airplanes finds out that most of the citizens of his own country can’t afford getting a coffee at starbucks once a week – at least – or even getting a pair of shoes or a tasty meal; it becomes really shocking!!

I am not trying to make it funny at all, but that is the fact that I have lived which changed my whole life and got it upside down.

I used to go out studying everyday in a different café with friends while paying a check of over 100 pounds everyday just for coffee and snacks then for like twice a week going to a party in a famous club or just hanging out at a friend’s place till I realized how horrible life can be.

Once upon a time I got invited to join a charity project to go to Upper Egypt with the church to help other people, I did accept going for 24 hours although I had a final exam in 48 hours but I did go anyway. We went to a city called Sohag where I saw people living their life worse than the scenes from Somalia that we see on TV! I have never seen such poverty & inhuman a person might live. I saw a 70 year old woman who told me that a doctor asked her about her religion before asking about why she visited him! I saw guys in my own age walking on dirt without a pair of shoes and I saw a 5 year old boy thanking god for everything while he literally had NOTHING!! Even their home had no ceiling and I was going mad thinking how they go through the winter when it rains!! How do they sleep?!!

I even find it ironic – I mean it in every single letter – that an Egyptian with Egyptian parents and Egyptian grandparents and grand-grand parents can express himself in English better than his own language – Egyptian Arabic –!! I am not happy with that, but for a very long period of my life I have been expressing myself in English as the “cool kids” I have been hanging out with talk, plus that I feel that our language does not support terms that would allow me express myself specially when I talk about stuff like relationships! The first time I started writing in Arabic on my laptop was not more than a year ago!! As much as I am ashamed of my disability of writing the “perfect” Arabic composition as much as I have to blame my school and my country for their overprotection and their lack of openness so I had to choose another language to express myself.

By the end of the day I have to admit, the majority of Egyptians do not consider me as an Egyptian as I am a liberal secular person while I see myself as an Egyptian in every single way!! I am an Egyptian who took the streets to fight against Mubarak’s regime and I have every single right to express my thoughts whether the majority likes it or not!


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3 Responses to Just a random thought

  1. drnabiha says:

    Its a very good analysis but u have to cut your hair first to accept u as egyptian

  2. marina yousri says:

    that is so true . It is our fault that the poverty in egypt have reached this levels . Not only the gov . I think in order to consider yourself a real egyptian u should help more in fighting poverty in any way you can . .

  3. Magda Ghobrial says:

    Do you know of any good charity in Egypt?

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