Dear Egyptians

Got a hell of questions floating through my head
wondering about the same stuff, that people shed
searching for the truth, searching for the cred
But the truth or the lies, they're both on the bed

everyone repeating the same old games
claiming that the truth, in their mouth remains
away from logic, away from truth
just a buch of hyprocrits owning a booth

i know that i might not be smart enough
i know that maybe i missed some stuff
but still i can depend on my brain
to figure it all out, without any pain

teaching hate in the name of love
praising racism then saying it's a huff
what the hell is wrong with the world?
why just suddenly people became so cold?

suddenly hypocrites became our credible source
the incredible liars became our leaders
we just can't admit that there is a hoax
so we left our cause and became some weepers

we witness the hate and leave it.. so why?
we turn a blind eye for the sake of getting by
just somehow we put our heads in the sand
so how the hell can we protect our land?

So, dear Egyptians: I'm not giving up
I'll keep writing till my time is up
I just won't let the bastards fuck us up
I have my reasons, so for them i must stand up

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Just An Egyptian
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One Response to Dear Egyptians

  1. بعد التحية ..
    تم اضافة مدونتكم الى ـ مدونون بلا قيود ـ
    وسوف ننشر مواجز وروابط لكل تدويناتكم خلال نصف ساعة من نشركم لها
    لمزيد من التفاصيل
    ولكم فائق الحرية والاحترام

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