I Am A Racist!!

I thought about it logically with my realistic ways of thinking about everything in life and i got to a conclusion that everybody has to be a racist in some way. Racism is simply a prejudice act of hating someone just for his/her color/race/sexual orientation/belief/nationality/political views/gender etc… so you just refuse dealing with him/her like others because of your hatred towards something from the mentioned above and you just find this wall between you without getting to know this person.

I have been trying as hard as i can to get rid of all the stupid social ties that made me put this wall between me and people from everywhere and i found that when i talked with more people i learned a lot and found that there were a hell of things that i didn’t know. at least i learned that not all Jews are bad or not all Israelis are with what their government is doing, gays are human beings not aliens, Africans can be my friends and they won’t kill me etc…

So, i thought so who do i hate then?! and then i made this statement up “I do hate all racists”. I just do not accept anyone who has hatred towards some kind of human beings on any basis or excuses!! I see that racists shouldn’t deserve tolerance or acceptance by me.. and i define racists as the people who may give you the look of “I don’t accept you” kinda thing up till the racist who won’t employ you because of any of the things i mentioned above.

So yes i am a racist cause i see everybody EQUAL except for racists and i believe that i should hate them back till they fix themselves and accept the basics of humanity.

So, Basically i do not care if your religion is your excuse for your racist sick mind … I do not give a shit for any excuses that you would use to defend your racist actions … I will not “love everybody” as religion says … Cause simply I HATE RACISTS!!


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3 Responses to I Am A Racist!!

  1. Sally talaat says:

    Good one; I like it and totally agree with you . I hate treating someone as if he is different . I will not like myself to be treated like this either…

  2. really brilliant ! (y)

  3. I love the sentiment you express in post. Though, technically racism is just against race or colour. Your attack is on those who classify other human being by attaching some label to them, and then engage in hate towards that group.

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