And i thought i had an open mind!

I did think a lot before writing this post as I try as much as possible to avoid writing about my personal life but what the hell .. this is my blog 😛

I have always thought that I had an open mind, tolerance and acceptance to an extent beyond anyone’s imagination but apparently I am still learning.

I would love to face the fact that in Egypt we have intolerance and racism on many levels, starting with the minor Christian-Muslim common weird hatred –Although I don’t know any Muslims who hate Christians – but apparently it does exist everywhere in Egypt! Passing through the hatred between Islamists, secularists, liberals and communists and finally our intolerance with anyone who is different in anyway (Skin color, hair style, name, race, sex, sexual orientation, social standard or believes other than Islam or Christianity), simply, we are racists and that is the truth! Not only we don’t look at this huge problem, but also we love accusing the west of it being racist against Arabs or Muslims!!

I got motivated to write about this subject as I found the racist speech has been going louder and louder for the past months starting from Sobhy Saleh from the Muslim Brotherhood who said that men belonging to the MB must get married to women from the MB so that they could get the country to be better sooner and finally yesterday when AbdelMonem Elshahhat the spokesman of the Salafis in Alexandria who was on OnTv to discuss Naguib Sawiris’s apology after tweeting the picture of veiled Minnie saying that “He is not sure if Sawiris’s origin was from Greece or Egypt”!!! as if it fuckin matters!!

By being slightly different than the so called “Main Stream” Egyptian you would definitely face the racist look at some point in your life, but being “different” made me promise myself that I would never ever judge a person before getting to know him/her.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a rock bar with some friends having some drinks when a guy –I didn’t know that he was a guy until later– entered the bar, he looked so weird that everybody noticed. Long black hair, long pink earring on one side, black & pink ripped tight pants, eye liner, lots of makeup and a red lipstick! So my first thought was “Oh, now I have seen what they call “cross dressers””.. After a while I went to the toilet and on my way there a friend was singing as it was a karaoke night and I stopped to cheer, another friend was standing beside me he introduced me to this weird guy I mentioned above; so I just said hi and continued my way to the toilet and back to my friends.

At about 4 in the morning on the night bus to where I live I found this guy getting on the bus, he saw me, came and said “hi, you are the Egyptian guy from the bar” and sat beside me and kept talking about how he went to Asia, Australia and around Europe. I found myself so curious that I had to ask him to explain himself and by being tipsy I get to be the super duper honest person where sometimes I might get offensive, so I asked him “I don wanna be offensive but why are you dressed up like that?” so he laughed and explained that when he was 14 he was a big fan of a rock band, it’s musicians had a lot of makeup on and clothes like that so he tried it once and found that everyone was staring at him so he formed his own band and he likes being the center of attention where everybody recognizes him!! He wasn’t a “cross dresser or gay” – not that I have a problem with that –,I felt like I was the most stupid racist prejudice lamest human being on earth… but I would have to admit that he looked scary but when he talked he appeared to me better than 90% of other human beings.

PS: Those people in the band look friendly beside the guy i mentioned.

On a Friday night at about 4.30 am in the metro station found a guy playing guitar, a lot of people singing with him, lots of girls, everyone is pretty drunk.. it was a hell of fun. After singing for a while I stopped and thought how the hell would Egyptians react if a scene like this took place in one of our metro stations? .. an Egyptian friend saw the video and his comment was simply “yeah, the late night bitches”! given that he has been in Europe for over 6 years I was shocked… everyone was happy, singing, minding his own business, not hurting anyone but somehow we have a problem with that!!

I would like to add a story from Tahrir as well as on the 31st of January there were 4 middle aged men wearing white cloth symbolizing a coffin and written on a panel with them “This is my coffin for Egypt” a journalist was with me asked me to translate an interview with one of them and when a group of people moved beside us chanting “Allah akbar”, and I asked him if they belonged to some kind of an Islamists group his answer was as following, “No, not at all, they are just saying that as we chanted it when we defeated Israel in 1973” he continued “I don’t know who you are, I don’t know your religion, but I know one thing that if someone shoot you right now I will definitely cry, I don’t care if you were a Muslim, Christian or a Jew but I know that if you were born in this country, you have the right to stand here in Tahrir just like me”. When I heard that from a person who wasn’t educated, not in a good social standard, I knew deep inside that it doesn’t matter if you were educated or not, rich or poor, civilized or not to really understand what it means to be a human being cause obviously he was a real Egyptian and this type of true Egyptians began to disappear.


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12 Responses to And i thought i had an open mind!

  1. Walid says:

    I won’t say much but I don’t have to love you so you describe me not racist . Means you have the freedom to like me or not and I won’t say you are a racist. Means if I’m a Jew and I hate Christians like you I m free to feel so as long as my feelings didn’t become a negative action towards you cause simply u have no power to control my heart.

    • This is called prejudice which makes you less of a human being .. so yea!! you are free to hate whoever you want but that would let me think of you as a person who doesn’t deserve any sympathy from my side since you are a person who judges others according to their believes

      • Walid says:

        Don’t care much man …sorry but whatever u think I don’t care of ….just remember I have the right to tell my opinion about you too and at the same way ….as long as I didn’t hurt you …you can’t silence me ever and me too whatever I think of ,hate or love…cause simply u can’t control my heart.

      • Walid says:

        Don’t care much man …sorry but whatever u think I don’t care of ….just remember I have the right to tell my opinion about you too and at the same way ….as long as I didn’t hurt you …you can’t silence me ever and me too whatever I think of ,hate or love…cause simply u can’t control my heart. By the way I hate Christians that’s my opinion but never insulted one cause I keep it in my heart cause my religion tells me to talk to u and treat u nice and never hurt u ..but look at urself …I said I hate Christians then u insulted me saying I’m less than human. It’s ur opinion but remember u couldnt hold ur temper that someone hate ur religion ppl ..who’s the racist here …who’s the dictator!!!!!

  2. again, i don’t care and i can’t control you .. i am just stating my opinion about how we should stop prejudice!!

  3. OMG!!!! for the damn last time … YES i do not care i am saying generally “IF YOU PREJUDGE THEN YOU ARE A LESS OF A HUMAN”!! this is the bottom line .. and when i so prejudge i feel that i am less of a human being ..

    If you do not understand that, then it is not my problem .. you already thought that i am christian while i might not be one!!! so just accept that help yourself

  4. norhan7 says:

    i like what you wrote … we have to stop judging and labeling people but i think that’s against the Egyptian nature!

  5. Dina says:

    In Egypt most of us think it is natural not only to prejudge others, but also commenting on & humiliating them. We still use words black & slave to describe someone, & do not try to find different “acceptable ” words
    I think others believe it is normal & even religious that people were created” in different layers” as it said in Quran.
    All we can do in Egypt is trying to teach others & our children that all humans are the same.
    So, we are all raciest to some extent. Some try hard to conceal it, others do not even think about it as a defect in any human. Try going to gay bar with your girlfriend, and see what it feels like to be “different”. It takes time and long relationships with all kind of people, weird, raciest, fools, fanatics …… then you might not prejudge others only by their appearance .

  6. Dina says:

    congrats on at least knowing you are still learning, many think they don’t need to..
    two points though, Europe has lots of Racism and Islamophobia or better still, third world phobia 🙂 i’d take your word for it if you say there isn’t much of it where you live, but there is plenty elsewhere, i live in Dk and there’s PLENTY of that here..
    as for the “weird” guy, are you trying to tell me you didn’t listen to The Cure growing up?!!!

    • well .. sweden is way better i know but still there are many issues considering racism here but on the other hand i am 100% sure that it can’t be even compared to our racism in Egypt

  7. Dina says:

    it definitely can’t be compared to the situation in Egypt, but if left the way it is going it will get there! because when you only compare yourself to those in the gutter, the only way is down, and they do that here ” we are doing way better than your country”.. which sounds like us saying for example that women have it good in Egypt because they are doing better than those in Saudi, or that we have religious freedom in Egypt because it is better than Iran.
    my point is that, racism, hate and the desire to segregate into factions and subdue the minority seems to be a human nature and it could only be fought by constant vigilance by everyone, nations make laws to protect themselves then they go to sleep and trust those in power to be upright and do their job.. well, they never do without constant supervision by the people themselves IMHO.

  8. aljiddawi says:

    human nature !?would a new born white baby reject black nipples ?would a shiite hungry child reject a cookie frm a sunnie child ?would a 2yr old boy slap a girl coz shes a girl ? human nature my foot . thats like blaming the rain for drowning the flowers.its education n dead ppls culture that screws human nature n turn man against man for issues that are no longer valid nor acceptable.keep learning mina

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