Racism from within


I won’t turn a blind eye and say that Sweden is racism-free as there are researches suggesting that there is direct and transparent ethnic discrimination in the Swedish labour market. For those whose parents were both born in a non-European country, the unemployment risk is 11 percentage points higher than for those with two Swedish-born parents. But on the other hand 11% doesn’t bother me at all! [1]

My problem here is that I recognized some kind of a pattern that lead me to make up a small theory suggesting that “Racism might be the consequence of acts from both sides, the racist and the one being discriminated against”. For example, I took a Palestinian friend to a bar and on our way in he said “Oh, I don’t want to go in, it looks like it is full of racists, you don’t understand that now but you will get it later”! I was shocked to the extent that I couldn’t even reply..I love the bar, everyone there is friendly and I have no clue whatsoever how he could have made up an assumption like this!

Another incident when an Iraqi girl who is attending the same course I am studying told me that she studied microbiology and when I told her that I hope she finds a good job in her field she said to me “They don’t give out the good jobs to people with black hair”! Putting into consideration that she has been here for only 5 months, never applied for a job as she is still learning Swedish, I have no idea also how she could have made an assumption of not getting a job in her field because of her hair color!

It is a fact that there are racists everywhere discriminating and prejudging on anything (Skin color, Hair color, appearance, social standards, beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity or even upon football!), there are people out there who would just find a reason to hate you and you can’t use this fact as an alibi to achieve or dream less!

Another ironic situation happened with a Swedish friend, he works in IKEA and there is this thing where you scan the items you will buy by yourself, pay and go without a cashier and his job is to monitor to see if someone “forgot” to scan something. Sometimes some people get separate receipts one for the company and one for home for the taxation stuff, so a middle eastern man scans some stuff and leaves some items without scanning them so my friend went to him and asked him if he will take them on 2 receipts “he was being polite so he doesn’t feel embarrassed” but the unexpected reaction was the guy shouting at him to “go check out the blonde people as well”! And this friend is way far from being a racist!! I can be considered as a racist compared to him!! So the shop lifter here assumed that “he was being discriminated against cause he had black hair and not because he was about to steal”!

Up till today I have a very few Swedish friends about 10 or 12 and they are way far from being even close to racism, I have never faced racism in Sweden and even if I did I will not generalize on the whole population and just accept that I’m “discriminated against”! ‘Cause simply, it never works like this!


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4 Responses to Racism from within

  1. Great post.
    So what DOES a bar full of racists look like!?

    I wrote this the other day and got a complaint about it being racist! WHAT GIVES?

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

    • just a rock bar in downtown .. i really have no idea how to describe it as it is a normal rock bar .. maybe cause he didn’t see any “immigrants” :S i have no idea really!

  2. Ps I am a secular liberal Brit!

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