Religion or Humanity?



Today i saw this advertisement persuading Egyptians to donate for the famine in Somalia, stating how 65 Egyptian pounds -$10- might do… what got me really mad is that by the end of the advertisement is says “Don’t forget that they are Muslims”!

The funny thing is that a lot of people are pro using this kind of persuasion as long as it is for good reasons .. i wish i could talk to someone who got affected by this line and decided to pay money just because he knew that “They are Muslims”!

Seriously? 29,000 children DIED because of hunger and we are thinking about their religion? what is more important, being a Muslim or being a human being? will it differ if it was “Don’t forget that they are human beings”?

We have been always sending charity to Gaza leaving all the catastrophes that happened in (Haiti, Japan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Bosnia etc..) i really don’t understand how do those people prioritize charity?! is it regarding to the religion or regarding to the need?!

We literally fucked up the lives of the African asylum seekers in Egypt, where were we?! then we make a fuss on how some African countries intend to build some dams on the Nile! it is as if we have ever noticed that they were on the map beside us! but we have been always looking to the American, European, Israeli friends or to our Arab, Muslim brothers!! i just have no clue how fucked up is that!

I respect atheists who give out charity waaaaay more that religious people cause simply they do it for humanity not to go to heaven or cause the people in need are following their same religion!

I am not with banning anyone from using anything as long as it is not a hate speech but this is really sick and people should be more humane than that!








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4 Responses to Religion or Humanity?

  1. Elisa Michelle says:

    Well you do have a point. Here in the US, Christians are just scary sometimes with how they prioritize and bash those who aren’t Christians. They also ask for donations to build nice, big churches on top of sending missionaries to Africa, South America, and other places like that. Very little do I hear of those in need or the starvation of children, and I do hear is on a commercial pretty much saying, “Why aren’t you helping, it only costs one dollar a day!”

    That causes people here to tune out the ads and, before you know it, unless you watch TV late at night, you don’t hear about starvation of children anymore. However, recently the issue of the starving children in Somalia has been on CNN, but I haven’t seen it publicized anywhere else too often. It’s sad, so I can relate to the prioritizing factor, not necessarily the Muslim one, though to me it sounds the same as those who prioritize Christians and Christian agendas as well as states/countries over all else. It’s definitely not right. We should be helping because they’re freaking human beings — children who don’t deserve to die in such a terrible way — not because of their religious standing.

    • i wish all of those people go to hell!! how can we build churches or mosques or whatever while human beings are starving to death :S

      • Elisa Michelle says:

        Well a lot of people tend to live in their own reality. So long as everything is good for them, others are of no consequence. It’s a sadly popular mentality.

  2. aljiddawi says:

    its the saddest form of hypocracy, fake humanitarianism.

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