Just a random post about UNIQUENESS

it has been a while since i wrote anything so i just wanted to write a short post to clarify a small thing..

I have received a HELL of responses like “I respect you although i don’t agree with a lot of stuff that you write”

The FACT is that I sometimes disagree with myself.. it is the human nature! you learn new things everyday, you do not have to agree with EVERYTHING that anyone writes cause that would be pathetic .. every human being from the 6 billion+ on this planet is UNIQUE!

Which leads me to saying that every single breathing human being on our planet is a combination of millions of millions of knowledge, experience, traditional, cultural, thoughts and ideas. That is why every human being is UNIQUE, so you can’t agree on 100% of what i say/write cause you are UNIQUE and you have your own perspective which is different than mine.

But by the end of the day, that is why freedom of speech was “created” for! it was made so we can EXPRESS ourselves, share experiences, and learn from one another .. not just to stick to the believes that we were ordered to believe in!

I can swear that every human being is UNIQUE!


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2 Responses to Just a random post about UNIQUENESS

  1. aljiddawi says:

    Im not

    • if you believe that you are not unique then you might want to reconsider stuff cause i don’t think that you can find 1 person who shares everything with you even if you were “main stream” you will still find yourself unique .. it is not a bad thing 🙂

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