The work permit law in Sweden

Since Dec, 2008 Sweden has relaxed the labor migration laws at the time when the world was suffering from the economic crisis, the main reason for such a step was to easily get professionals to work in Sweden by raising the competition as the jobs would be posted for everyone from all over the world to apply for.

Now we are in 2011 and from my humble point of view there are some holes that should be fixed in anyway as the law has been abused by a lot of people and here is one real case to elaborate:

A person who owns some small shops around Stockholm made a deal with about 9 people from outside the EU to get them work permits in Sweden in exchange for money. each one of them payed 80 thousand crowns in addition to 10 thousands monthly for the first 3 months (The taxes he will have to pay for adding them to his work force) some of those 9 people went to other European country while others stayed in Sweden and brought their family. after the 3 months of course he will just cancel their contracts and they won’t return to their countries – both parties are aware of the scenario and agreed to it -!

It gets even worse when other business owners would bring someone on a work permit and once he steps into Sweden the owner would pay him 50 crowns an hour instead of 100 which is written in the contract in addition to forcing the employee to work for extra hours that can be as long as 14 hours a day and even more like forcing the employee to take money without giving a receipt -so the owner would pay less taxes- and of course if he got caught the owner will just say that the employee was stealing. So, the owner does everything that violates EVERYTHING and the employee would have to either accept it and live with it or return to his home country.

The kinds of businesses i mentioned above does not require professionals and yet they are covered by the law and if not one person in whole Sweden can take a job such as a waiter or a baker etc… i believe that the priority should go to the EU citizens as Sweden is still a member of it in spite of the parties that started debating getting out of the EU. there are countries such as Spain, Greece, etc… who are suffering a major unemployment crisis and their economy affects Sweden’s someway or another.

The migration board has taken an excellent step in making the procedures for work permits run as fast as it can be by giving the huge corporations the luxury of processing everything on its own as they have the ethics and the trust to do so but this trust should NOT be given to anyone.

Bringing people with a contract from anyone without making sure that this person will be treated like a human being, without even making sure that he will have housing – putting into consideration the HUGE problem of housing in Stockholm- shouldn’t be that easy. It should be regulated to stand for the reason the new law was legislated to serve which is to bring talented employees and professionals to work in Sweden but not to bring people who would suffer and let Sweden’s economy suffer at the same time.


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2 Responses to The work permit law in Sweden

  1. okodu james says:

    what can i do to get working permit and work in sweden seeing that i have italian 2 years permit of stay or recident permit?

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