Sex & Friends

I have been trying for a very long time to put some kind of a theory to summarize the consequences and the obstacles that comes along with having “Sex with friends” .. i have talked with many people who went through this adding to that my personal experience .. i got NOWHERE!

Obviously there is a rule somewhere that says “NEVER have sex with a friend” .. I found this topic really interesting and this blog is not about politics it is just about whatever i want to write about. Since every one now is writing about politics i decided to write about other stuff 🙂

99% of the times -This is just a metaphorical number that is not based on any research- having sex with a friend makes the friendship awkward to the extend that makes it end! i have tried to find the reasons behind that but here are the possibilities that i reached:

* Trying to return back as “Friends” most of the time doesn’t work cause most probably you’ll keep imagining your friend naked which what friends shouldn’t do i guess!

* You won’t be friends anymore .. it will be always about booty calls and that’s it!

* Whether if you blamed it on the alcohol or anything else most probably it happens as a result of an affection unless if you are a coldblooded sex addict that sleeps with anyone for the sake of getting laid! so afterwards you are going to realize that affection and you won’t know what to do cause you are supposedly friends!

I have seen friends who had sex and they are still friends, i wanted to know how they did that and the answer that i got was that they talked a lot immediately about every single detail so that they can keep their friendship going. Honestly i have NO CLUE how it can work but apparently it does work for some people.

On the other hand, it might go to a start of a relationship, both of them are afraid of being 100% honest cause they know that if it failed so does their friendship and no one knows what to do/say to keep it going on .. simply because of trust issues -No one wants the other to be the one who breaks up – .. I don’t know why as well it is hard to be friends again! but it is a fact that it takes super duper work to be friends with someone that you had feelings for!

So just to sum up .. If you can’t handle the consequences NEVER do that!


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