Just A Random Story

On the coldest winter night

Standing on a very high cliff

Nothing except darkness in sight

He can’t bare taking another whiff


Just freezing up there waiting for the wind to decide

Whether to push him back or forth

He just keeps waiting, with nothing on his mind

Not caring anymore, if he can take another breath


Suddenly a warm breeze came out of no where

Bringing him back to life for a minute

So, he started being aware

That maybe it is just a dream, but wicked


For a minute there he believed

That it will stay warm forever

But i guess he just got deceived

Even though i thought he was clever


He didn’t know if it was a co-incidence or just fate

That this warm breeze came on his way

But after a minute it was too late

‘Cause it was just passing by, not willing to stay


Still trapped in his own mind

Not knowing if he is asleep or awake

The warm breeze was so kind

But, it went away then he couldn’t find a breath to take


He started regretting taking in that warm breath

Wishing it never passed by his way

He never expected that warmth might be death

As now he don’t know if he can stand another day!


He realized how comfortable he were at night

Before this warm breeze came a long

He is still standing, still hoping for it to return if it might

So it would keep him alive instead of dying young!


About justanegyptian

Just An Egyptian
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