And the hate speech continues!

After the incident in Imbaba that took the lives of 14 young people because of a rumor that a girl who changed her religion from Christianity to Islam was being imprisoned there followed by a sheikh called Abo Anas encouraging the crowds to destroy all the churches in Imbaba, comes another scenario on the 9th of September when an extremist called Mahmoud Gamal releases a video on youtube calling to kill all the Copts as they cannot be trusted to live with on this Muslim land -Egypt- after shooting at the Muslim soldiers!

The speech is long, full with insults, bigotry, racist and hate .. and yet neither the government nor the SCAF took any actions to put an end once and for all to all the Wahabis who keep preaching for violence and hatred!


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One Response to And the hate speech continues!

  1. aljiddawi says:

    being a saudi citizen I’m very familiar with wahhabi doctrine of hate n violence I’m also aware that this wahhabi invasion started early twentieth century but only picked up momentum in the seventies when the lunies were let out of the closet to settle political scores for saddat, king farad n america.egyptian scholars should enlighten the masses on the difference between the wahhabi version of islam and true islam as still found in the quran. it took years of intense work to bring the masses to this level of religious ignorance.the path is long but its clear.

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