The Egyptian Media!

Just so you know, i do not believe that there is something called “unbiased media” .. at some certain level, each and every channel has its own limits, its own rules and its own agenda even the governmental media which is supposedly owned by the citizens.

The Egyptian state TV was always the worst, always full of lies, always increasing ignorance and stupidity. During the first 18 days of the Egyptian revolution it has done nothing but incite violence towards the protesters, i thought that it would change after Mubarak’s stepping down but it didn’t.

Putting into consideration that no one has been charged with anything for all the crimes they committed against the revolutionaries, they continued spreading rumors about the 6th of April movement that resulted the death of Mohammed Mohsen in Abasseya.

Then came the 9th of September when some thugs started violence towards the army which ended with more than 300 injuries and 27 deaths after the state TV asked the “True Egyptians” to defend the ARMY from the COPTS who were attacking them!!!

The headlines were “Copts shooting at the army”, interviewing a soldier that said “We were drinking water from them and then they betrayed us the Christians the sons of bitches”!!!

After all this, the Coptic hospital got attacked, Christians were stopped in the streets and beaten .. who is responsible? how will those who were injured will get compensated? whose fault is this? who was the one to put such hate and incitement on our state TV?

The TV should be ran by its tax owners and not anyone else! it should be unbiased and if it can’t be then at least it shouldn’t incite violence and be the cause of a sectarian war!


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