Nawal Elsaadawi’s visit to stockholm

One of the world’s greatest writers – Nawal Elsaadawi – gave a short speech in Sofia Kyrkan in Stockholm today and i was lucky to attend it she spoke about how every kind of Egyptian (young, old, men, women, capitalist, leftist, etc… ) gathered in Tahrir square determined on only one thing .. to take down Mubarak, how boys and girls were sleeping in one tent without a single harassment – which is weird in Egypt – and since i was there during this period she reminded me of that Egypt that i have always dreamed of .. The one in Tahrir!

I would love to highlight some points she mentioned:

* She talked about how the international criminal court never helped when it came to justice and the prosecution of war criminals, not even investigating G.W Bush with the Iraq war

*She talked about the Palestinian-Israeli issues and how the USA is standing in the way of peace for the Palestinians.

I’d love to quote “I have nothing against capitalism but the only problem is that it just doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, it created a gap between human beings, it is the reason behind poverty, it separated us when all what we needed was unity”

She talked about being a doctor doesn’t mean that one should give up on arts such as literature, music and spirituality as everything works in harmony. She mentioned how religious places such as churches, mosques and synagogues should be a place for music, dancing, education, medicine, since and spirituality and how it is the time for all the religious institutes to start a revolution to take a new road instead of the old one.

The whole church stood up and sang happy birthday for Ms.Elsaadawi as her birthday is on the 27th of Oct. Afterwards, a young Swedish girl came up to her, knelled in front of her and cried while telling her “Please never give up, keep this spirit, you are an inspiration to all of us”. While another girl born and raised in Sweden from Egyptian parents told her “You are the only reason i am proud of who i am, you are the reason i am proud of being Egyptian”

Ms.Elsaadawi also spoke about the elections in Egypt and how she wants to stop it to make sure first that there is a clear democratic weather for a fair competition specially for the revolutionaries who are not organised yet.

Finally, she said that the whole world needs a revolution against corruption, against inequality, against the regimes that put us apart instead of encouraging us to be one.

I hope she lives long to see the whole world just as Tahrir square was on the first 18 days of our revolution.


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2 Responses to Nawal Elsaadawi’s visit to stockholm

  1. although i don’t agree with all her believes but i respect her very much as a liberal and fair person, but let me comment on stopping elections for now: if we didn’t proceed with it now we will never do it, the SCAF will hold every thing in the time which we will lose the enthusiasm of normal people toward the revolution. let’s start now even if it will not present the best members.

  2. Honey says:

    This “free sarhnig” of information seems too good to be true. Like communism.

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