Copts Demonstrating in Stockholm

Last Sunday the 16th of October 2011, Egyptian Christians who live in Stockholm demonstrated in Sergels Torg -The main square in Stockholm- to condemn what happened in Maspero where 30 died and more than 300 got injured.

From a neutral point of view i would have to say that there were some positive things with the demonstration and some negative points that i have to mention.

That Sunday, There were two demonstrations. One of them was organised by the Coptic Orthodox Church and the second one was by the Anglican Egyptian Church.

During the first one, The demonstrators chanted some Coptic carols and prayed a little bit. and here are my comments:

* If you want to pray .. PRAY IN CHURCH!!

*If you will demonstrate in Sweden .. Don’t demonstrate in a forgotten language that not even Copts can speak of!

The demonstration should have been in English and Swedish condemning what happened in Maspero .. I.E.:  PURE POLITICS!

The second demonstration was well organised, a team came to chant in Swedish and Arabic. and here are my thoughts about it:

* The speaker went TOTALLY off point by saying that “Muslims are living free in Sweden doing what they want and building mosques everywhere and we should have the right to build churches in Saudi Arabia.

* He kept talking about the Christian-Muslim issues and generalising on all Muslims not respecting that there were Muslims with us in the demonstration and I respect them for baring that.

The positive thing that I witnessed in the second demonstration was when the speaker said “We trusted the army, we chanted for it, but then they killed us, they let 6 churches to be attacked in less than a year” and he lead chants against Tantawi.


By the end of the day, I would have to say that I do find a lot of excuses for all that. ‘Cause it is unfair for all Christians to witness such tragedies in 8 months. When I talked with one of the demonstrators, I found out that he is pro-Mubarak’s regime, i told him that dozens of similar incidents happened under his rule as well so why the hell are you still supporting him!! his answer was “At least it wasn’t as bad as it is now, yea we were getting killed and discriminated against but not as much as 6 incidents in 8 months, that means that Mubarak was better”!!

I’m not going to change my principles so that those people would like me, I’m against racism and discrimination and that is final. I got tired of those Copts who believe that the problem will be solved by insulting and generalising on all Muslims which makes me SICK. I believe that Copts should LOBBY, they should PUSH POLITICALLY. By lobbying, I mean that all kinds of Copts and human rights’ activists should gather their endeavours towards ONE GOAL which is a REAL CIVILIZED SOCIETY against the military that has been controlling our country for over 60 years now!!

Here are some pictures I took there:


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8 Responses to Copts Demonstrating in Stockholm

  1. Totally agree with everything you said. i have to admit that i don’t go to demonstrations here in the US, cause the negative points you mentioned drives me crazy, though i’m not sure that this is the right thing to do or not.

    • I was there with 10 friends, we all disagreed and we are trying to change instead of being passive! the old ways of the racist speech will never work and will never do any good, we should spread the spirit of the revolution everywhere.

  2. many of my cousins now hates me cause i just said something they didn’t like which is Muslims went to defend Christians in maspiro.. i was attacked as being indifferent to the killing of copts and if had had family members injured i would’ve cared more !!!!! i can’t find a single person having the same way of thinking as i do :S
    the same cousins argued with me cause the were against the revolution, cause they fear these attacks would happen back then. any thoughts to help?!

    • you would have to explain that Muslims are not all the same, just like Christians, we are all human beings .. There are people out there spreading hate and those people are just full of hate, those are the people we should be against but not against Muslims or Islam or any ethnicity or religion. That is the common ground that we should all agree on so we can go ahead from there

  3. BAHEEY says:

    المسلمين كمان محتاجين نفس الوصفه العلاجية بتاعتك

    • اتفق معاك إن كتير من المسلمين محتاجين يتخلصوا من عنصريتهم الاول لكن ليه مانبدأش بنفسنا … دى مش أحلام وردية لكن لو كل واحد بدأ بنفسه اكيد هيحصل فرق وأكتر ناس ممكن تغير نفسها وتتخلص من عنصريتها هما المقيمين بالخارج لان إحنا بعيد عن اى ضغط إعلامى موجهه متطرف أو دور عبادة متشددة , لو مصريين الخارج بمختلف ديناتهم وتوجهاتهم ماخدوش الخطوة دى يبقى ماتستغربش المهازل اللى هى تحصل من الناس الموجهه فى مصر .

      شكراً مينا لنقلك للخبر بمنتهى الموضوعية دائماً رائع 🙂

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