The ice mosque and the Somali Imam!

There is a little city in the very north of Sweden called Kiruna. Tourists go there for the famous ice hotel. The company that is operating the hotel builds a church from ice every year where 150 couples get married there.

An imam called Mahmoud Aldebe wrote in a news paper that he hopes that the company would build an ice mosque as “It would be a new way of seeking dialogue between different cultures and religions. Perhaps an imam could be there and tell tourists and other visitors what it means to be Muslim”, he said.

The company accepted the idea happily and the mosque will be ready this winter.

On the other hand, a couple of months back a police report was filed by Erik Johansson, at the Swedish Evangelical Mission against a Somali Imam who went on a panel discussion broadcast live by the Swedish radio international Somali service to say that “It is the responsibility of every Muslim in Sweden to KILL anyone who converts from Islam”!

Erik Johansson filled the report after getting the information from his Somali friends as they were upset as well from the hate speech. I was SHOCKED to know that today the Swedish Chancellor of Justice ruled that it was NOT a hate speech as due to the responses from the presenter, the Chancellor has decided not to investigate the matter further!!

So, since the presenter protested against his opinion it is OK to literally ask people to KILL others and not to consider that as a hate speech!!

The problem is that all my Muslim friends are affected by such things, they are against those kind of bigots, they are against hate speech and yet no actions were taken against him. To go further, not only Muslims are affected by that but all immigrants from the middle east and finally all non native Swedes!!

We would end up in millions against building that ice mosque symbolising “civilization and the dialogue between religions” and world peace because of those bigots who keep preaching violence and hate getting away with it!

But i am not surprised since those kind of Imams are supported totally by the kingdom of Wahabis – Saudi Arabia- whose monarch got a medal from the Swedish king last month for his “outstanding service by an individual to the World Scout Movement”!! a land that is one of the most offenders of human rights on the planet!!!

Charging an Imam for a hate speech is NOT against Islam like the famous cartoon incident, Sweden is supposedly a land for FREEDOM! Freedom of expression is granted whether conservatives like it or not and that should NOT relate in any way in the prosecution of anyone responsible for preaching hate!

I just hope I can figure it all out ’cause I really don’t understand how all that is working!!



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