Pope Shenouda & The SCAF!

For the past decades Copts were following the same political lane, following Mubarak, his son, the government and to make it clear … Following whatever pope Shenouda says!

It is true, it is a fact that Copts consider the pope as the one responsible for their well being; not only spiritually but politically as well, which is the case I am talking about. Massacres, discrimination and oppression didn’t stop Copts from following the same old rules that takes “Accept the current situation ’cause it is better than what may come” as a base.

After the Maspero massacre, Copts protested in Egypt and worldwide, they formed groups and went to parliaments to push for their right to a fair transparent investigation in the incident. After talking with the EU’s parliament, pushing as hard as possible to fix what needs to get fixed, screaming for freedom for a country that deserves real democracy; came pope Shenouda’s meeting with Mr.Tantawi the head of the SCAF – Superior Council of the Armed Forced – to destroy all what activists were trying to build.

How come the army that is responsible for killing 30 and injuring 300 in a couple of hours to be investigating that case? can the murderer investigate his murder case and justice would be guaranteed?

We have been fed lies for decades such as “International investigations, International recommendations, International elections monitoring, etc..” is nothing but an unacceptable infiltration in the Egyptian internal business but I would have to stand up and disagree! when I see that for the past 60 years we had NOTHING called transparency, NOTHING called democracy, NOTHING called justice and NOTHING called freedom then I would have to ask for help and anyone who would help me reach my goal -Which is GOOD- would be a hero and I would have to accept his help! it is not as if we are asking another country to occupy us! we are just asking for Freedom and Justice!

With all respect, Pope Shenouda should not interfere with politics, he should not talk in the name of all Christians when it comes to politics or such issues. We have had enough with the church deciding what is best for Copts! let everyone form his/her own opinion and act upon it and let the church be a place for praying and nothing but praying!


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2 Responses to Pope Shenouda & The SCAF!

  1. irene says:

    Though I agree with a lot of what you write, you are looking at this with the wrong approach, in my opinion…

    The pope is under pressure to try to stop the time bomb from exploding. ALL INDICATORS tell us that, when it explodes, it is the heads of Copts that will roll. Some Copts now are willing to die for their rights, I honor them, but I don’t think the pope is willing to put everyone’s necks on the chopping block…in Egypt during these times, until there is some semblance of transparency and rights for Christians, that is the sure death of the church. Call it fear if you like, or political correctness, or public pressure…I see it as a short-term survival mechanism that SURELY will evolve just as Egyptian society evolves, but only when it’s not guaranteed that the ruling REGIME or VOCAL MAJORITY feels justified in killing or otherwise violating Copts at their whim.

    Look, it’s a New Egypt with all new rules. Let the most vulnerable of vulnerables take a little time in learning how to handle their even more delicate position in society. And if you have some way to move Copts forward, do it! I can’t see how blaming the Pope is going to solve the Copts’ problems.

    By the way, since we’re playing the blame game, don’t forget to put blame on Egyptian parents–of any religion, or no religion at all–who teach their kids that they have to obey them at all times without thinking or questioning…min 3’air kalam…

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