Essam Ata & Khaled Said

Khaled Said’s case which was one of the many reasons that sparked the revolution helping with the mobilization and the anger expressed in peaceful protests was thought to be the last case of torture to death.

Yesterday, Friday October the 27th Essam Ata died after being tortured in the prison by inserting a hoses of water through his mouth and anus as he was caught “smuggling” a SIM card to call his family.. not forgetting the regime’s bastards who have their Ipads, Mobiles, Laptops and broadband connections!

Two hours ago a man on a motorcycle got shot by a police officer on ElKasr Eleiny street in Cairo’s down town and died at the moment so the people burned down the police’s car and the street was closed.

The revolution did NOT end, it barley started!! the civil AND the military police are still torturing and killing people in spite of talking 24 hours about the reform they are doing and the ethics they uphold!

Up till now all the initial reports are showing that Essam’s death autopsy report is getting forged – As usual- and we will not let it pass!! And the murderers or Khaled Said who just got ONLY a seven year sentence will get what they deserve so that no fuckin police officer would dare to even humiliate a citizen anymore!


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One Response to Essam Ata & Khaled Said

  1. todd pavlin says:

    I am Todd one of the founders of TalkBackTV. Thanks for creating the Obama Politics rant. Appreciate your support. Did you by chance get to see Khaled Eibid’s rant about Essam Atta’s death. It was powerful, and moving even to a non-Arabic speaker like myself. I wrote about it on The TalkBackTVmideast blog. Here are the links. We hope TalKBackTVMideast becomes a platform for activists to speak truth to power & confront state TV & video propaganda.


    Todds Post:

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