#FreeAlaa In solidarity with Alaa AbdelFattah and Bahaa Saber

Alaa Seif Abdelfattah and Bahaa Saber were summoned for an investigation as they were charged for inciting violence during the Maspero incident.

They simply refused to be investigated by the military as they have the right to a civilian investigation as well as that the military is charged for killing 30 and injuring 300 of the protesters in Maspero.

Refusing the investigation lead to them being detained for 15 days pending the investigations.

The soldiers started beating the people waiting outside C28 – The military prosecution offices- in solidarity with Alaa and Bahaa!

Mina Danial who contributed in the revolution and died in the Maspero incident has his name as the first one charged of inciting violence at the Maspero incident! Even martyrs are considered as thugs and criminals in the SCAF’s perspective!


While 13000 Egyptians were sent to military trials including Alaa and Bahaa, 5 officers got released today as they were charged for burning the State Security’s archive.

While the army is still responsible for all the torture and killing cases in the past month, Wael Elkomy and Moataz Elaskalany and others who were charged -WITH PROOF- of killing protesters in Alexandria are not only free but got promoted as well!!

We gave the SCAF more than a thousand chances to do the right thing .. They could have used their position to be heroes BUT not any more! we have had ENOUGH!


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