Between the nationalist and the humanist!

It takes a hell of guts and effort to stand in the middle .. Just to stand in the middle and look over something while being unbiased; Specially when it comes to nationalism versus humanism.

When it comes to issues as simple as the famous football match between Algeria and Egypt that took place in Sudan, I would find myself stuck in a place where I would have to defend my country whether if it was our fault or not; I would find myself forced to hate Algerians while it is against my beliefs. Passing through the “identity” issue and the westernisation and finally by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I do not know why most people don’t put into consideration that the majority of any population from Algeria to Palestine and Israel does not give a shit about anything but living in peace! .. Just the normal “dream” of a human being which is to get a job that supports a family and live healthy in peace!

Recalling the scene from Casablanca (1942) when the Germans started singing their national anthem then, the French started singing theirs .. Everyone full of emotions and some are even crying while Ingrid Bergman (Ilsa Lund) sitting just to watch .. It is true that the national anthem means a lot to anyone but, it should not be used to take us against something against humanity.

While there are people out there on every corner of the world ready to go to war over a language, religion, culture or heritage, there are millions in the middle who get swamped by their loud radical voices.

Yes, I do love my country more than anything in the world; I don’t know why I do and that is the best sign to know that it is true! But, I would prefer to always put the human being as a priority over anything!


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