#NoMilTrials Demonstrating Day

After calling among activists to mobilize for November the 9th 2011 to protest against military trials in front of Tora prison where Alaa Seif Abdelfattah is being imprisoned, a good number of protesters showed up; Chants were lead by Kamal Khalil who is the founder of the Democratic Workers Party and a leader of the students movement in the seventies.

This video was shot by Eslam Abo Elazm , Here are some of the chants from the video:

“Those are our martyrs, and we are the coming martyrs”

“Let the flowers bloom, Alaa is from us and we won’t leave him behind, we won’t leave behind the youth of the revolution”

“Down down with the military rule”

“This is country is our country, And those who were detained and killed were our brothers”

“Either we live free in our country, or die revolutionaries”

“We never get afraid, from Tora -The prison- or The appeal – The other prison where Alaa was held at first-”

“We are the detainees, We are the coming children of Egypt”


Afterwards, The protesters started getting harassed by who the SCAF calls as “The honourable citizens” who started asking if the 6th of April movement was involved in the protest – As the SCAF started spreading rumours about them saying that they are traitors who get foreign sponsorship- then a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the protesters. The protesters started marching on the Kournich -The street in front of the river Nile in front of the prison chanting.

This was not the first time for the “Honourable citizens” to attack a protest while other demonstrations supporting the SCAF are always safe. And it raises a lot of questions such as “How come the so called honourable citizens are prepared with Molotov cocktails?”


I would like to thank Mona Seif, Eslam Abo Elazm and Adel Farouk for their live feed from there that helped me translate and write this post.


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