Egyptian Bloggers Gone WILD!

While we are always focusing on the conservative Islamic political stream, fake liberals, secularists, communists, etc.. we are turning a blind eye on the vast space of freedom that the bloggers acquired by going to the far extreme of using every way to express themselves freely on the virtual world.

Yesterday, an Egyptian blogger  – Kareem Amer‘s girlfriend – posted a nude picture of herself among other nude pictures under the title of “Nude Art” which started a wave of anger among internet surfers who started comments ranging from sarcasm passing through anger and insulting and finally people who just don’t care.

“I don’t mind people posing nude I’ve photographed a nude girl before but please don’t call the photos of #NudePhotoRevolutionary art. The lighting is aweful & the composition is dreadful. Break all the social boundaries you want, but don’t call it ART”, Lilian Wagdy – A revolutionary photographer/activist and a citizen journalist – tweeted

“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Hossam Eid – A Muslim Egyptian activist tweeted quoting the bible ( John 8 )

“Whatever her message was/is it was gone unnoticed.even if it was a simple expression of freedom, the message didnt get because sadly, people payed attenion to her body and not the message, I think the message would have been more effective if a bunch of men did it ’cause no one will be talking about their bodies. Still I support her choice to do whatever she likes with her body ’cause its her body after all”, @EgyptianLiberal – One of the anonymous group activists – commented on the post.

“It is the same thing that happened with Bouazizi, people said he will go to hell as he committed suicide then it turned out that he inspired a whole region to revolt, they just didn’t see the message behind the ‘crazy’ thing that he did; people who are looking at her body without thinking about the message are just like the people fasting Ramadan with their stomachs instead of their souls”, Sarah Sayah an Algerian tweep living in Denmark commented.

“You will definitely burn in hell”, A lot of comments were exactly like that on the blog post.

The majority of course were against what she did, but still I personally believe that it is her right to do whatever she wants as long as the blog is rated for adults only.

On the other hand, I saw a tweet for an event called “The national day for homosexuals in Egypt“. The link was for a Facebook group calling for Egyptians to accept homosexuals as human beings with equal rights.

I would have to say that I was amazed by how it got 1,011 likes, I scanned the group to see the responses and out of thousands of insults and threats, I found a user saying “I am gay, I do not like it, I don’t want to be gay, I just want everybody to accept me and not force me to get married ’cause I don’t want to let a girl suffer because of me”. Yet, the majority would refuse admitting neither their existence nor their rights.

“people tend to think that gays demand things like marriage but really what they are asking for are basic rights such as safety and freedom from prosecution or violence whether by the state or society”, Ahmed Awadallah who works in the field of human rights, health, sexuality and gender commented.

Finally, my opinion does not matter if I agreed or not but I am proud to see bloggers from Egypt going wild, breaking all kinds of taboos and expressing themselves on the virtual world as I believe that it is the first step towards the real democracy and the freedom of expression in the real world.


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22 Responses to Egyptian Bloggers Gone WILD!

  1. hanyfhg says:

    amazing!! the number of visitors 24000 and increasing in a very rapid fashion u can just notice the numbers grow

  2. hanyfhg says:

    my comment concerns Aliaa El Mahdy nude page and the surprising rate of increase of visitors

  3. greaaaat :)) totally agree with u

  4. malek says:

    in my opinion which not mean anything to you, but just for the heck of it, and i promise you i’m doing my best not to be bias here….

    gay people shouldnt have to say they are gay, and we shouldnt HAVE to know that they are gay. i always say , its okay to be gay, as long as you stay away from me.

    gay people should know their community , and only meet people from their own community, they shouldnt be allowed to ask just about anyone out, because someone like me , would get insulted and cut the guys head off , to be honest i would really do it and cut his neck off….

    so they should make their own community, and not go around parading that they are gay, i dont go around parading that i am stright and i do this or that…

    and also, no marriage, because marriage is a religion issue, and all religions are against gay, so if they still want marriage, then they deserve whatever the hell the muslim brothers do to them, this isnt america here, and its not europe, at the end we are a religious country no matter what.

    • I don’t understand how you don’t have problems with gays and at the same time you would cut someone’s neck for being gay .. put into consideration that “gay” means homosexual men and women .. They exist whether we like it or not, you may be having homosexuals in your own family!

      Marriage is a whole different issue, It is a civil contract stating duties and responsibilities between two people. If a sheikh or a priest is against gay marriage then they shouldn’t get them married. But as Awadallah said, gay marriage is not a demand as all what they are asking for is respect from their society. Believe it or not, Americans can be more religious than us Egyptians .. It is a matter of human rights, understanding and freedom more than being a religious issue.

  5. malek says:

    as for the b*** and her pimp

    very very very low publicity stunt, and we should really try and hack their blog and remove this, because they are getting what they want, they are getting the views they are looking for, and we must shut them down

    • If you gave yourself the freedom to put such comments, why do want to take away their freedom to express themselves as well? I don’t think that “we must shut them down”, cause they have the right to do whatever they want as long as they are not inciting hate or violence. They are free to post and we are free to criticize .. welcome to the new world!

  6. Sami says:

    She’s a brave girl and I like the BuAziza analogy indeed, but if you quite delusional if you think that at any point in time she’s going to be held as a hero. We’re talking female body here, the thing that Arabs stupidly define the word “honour” around. There are a few positive posts on her blogs, but it’s pretty ovbious that these are from guys who each think that by showing his support he’s going to get her attention and later sweep her off her feet with his “intelligence” and sleep with her! Arabs are genetically messed up. There are not wired to be free or to respect difference or even accept the fact that they might not have the monopoly on truth each one thinks he/she has. Gays’ pride day? Ha! Keep dreaming. The only smart thing an Egyptian can do is to move abroad by any means. Staying here and trying to change will get you what is -unfortunately- going to happen to that poor girl and her boyfriend once a Salafist or a Jihadist recognises them on the street.

    • Staying in Egypt and trying to change is not a new thing, it happened both in America and Europe, they didn’t reach that level of freedom from nothing, there were thousands of people who risked their lives to change their countries and our country deserves the same from us.

      • Sami says:

        Whether you want to believe it or not, there is a fundamental difference between Arabs and the people you’re using as example. Those people loved freedom and when they got it they built and created. What have we done with our freedom? We created a jungle in which the survival is for the strongest for the past 9 months and we’re yearning to give that freedom away through the ballot box to the opressive Islamists who will take us back to where we love most: Middle ages! People like you and me and that girl are nothing but a tiny minority whose pleas for the creation of a modern state are going to be crushed. Don’t forget the crushing win for the other team 77% to 23%.

      • Believe me, there is no difference, they used to be worse, we had the best multicultural environment a human being might find .. The 72% thing is irrelevant as not all of them wanted islamists n we have to stats to say so… Dont give up hope n get scared by the loud voices .. The logic will win by the end of the day, we just need to work on spreading awareness n education instead of giving up

  7. she broke her chains… the question is, will people kill her for it? or will they just treat her like a freak? because she isnt a hero to the masses brainwashed with religion and different false ideologies.
    Im all for nude pictures as a way to break the taboo but not unless safety comes first.

  8. People won’t kill her for any reason because they are busy!!

    As Sami said stupid guys will walk miles after her invain actually. I like her blog, there are many positive topic but seems like her audiences are all empty heads so no one answered her questions correctly or even gave a valuable advice.

    She misses the direction, don’t know what she wants so that she felt like “Can you hear me NOW?”.

    It’s not only Alia’s matter, it’s the up-coming generation! We’ve to wake up before our society turns to a one big messed up, without identity or traditions

  9. she’s atheist !! & already free !! no god or religion to obey, why should she respect traditions or societies ?!!!! the only message she delivers is that she’s atheist & has the absolute freedom that u will never have unless u r an atheist, cause every religion has its rules & every society has its traditions that u can’t break it if u believe in it !!

  10. azza sedky says:

    What has posing in the nude got to do with the revolution, democracy, and freedom of speech? Did it indeed give her the freedom she was aspiring to get? If so, then good for her.
    Egyptians are trying everything and anything new at this point. I call it the New Egyptian Persona And indeed they are confused.

  11. I m supporting the gays and people freeeeeeeeeeeedom

  12. azza sedky says:

    I think we are going overboard with what we consider as “freedom.” Freedom of speech and action in democratic countries is curtailed to fit other people’s freedom of speech and action. Egyptians have gotten confused, and they really can’t tell the difference between “My way or the highway,” and freedom.

  13. كاره التافهين بالحياه says:

    عليا المهدي انسانه تافهه تنظر الى الاسفل الى اعضائها التناسليه
    لاتنظر الى الاعلى ــ لو نظرت الى الاعلى لوجدت اشياء اهم بالحياه
    اهم من اعضائها التناسليه وفكرها المنحط والابتسامه البلهاء التي لاتفارق وجهها

  14. الحمدلله على نعمة العقل says:

    لاتريدين تتحجبي طز فيكي .. لاتـتـحجبي
    ولكن لاتـتـعري
    هل بهذا الاسلوب الهمجي توضحين رايك ؟؟

  15. User says:

    > obscenity is not freedom of speech.

    To say that Earth moves around the Sun or that humans evolved from apes once was considered obscene and might have serious consequences, but we had overcome that.

    The same issue is here with nudity. The very fact it is unsafe today to post your nude photos in Egypt DOES make this issue an issue of personal freedom. Who the hell is harmed by these pics? You don’t want – you don’t look, period. How could it be anything wrong in showing your essential self in YOUR personal blog?

    Don’t even try to convince me there are no issues with women’s rights in Egypt. There is an ocean of violations. And this is the first brave attempt of a little girl to make an island of other culture – where sexuality is not oppressed and it doesn’t come in brutal form as in those hypocritical crowds. You should not afraid of the new Seual Revolution, you should welcome it because it will make the whole world safer. Less abuse, less rape, less terrorists.

    And besides, I think she is just beautiful:)

  16. Good choice of title–“Egyptian Bloggers Gone Wild–” as it alludes to the “Girls Gone Wild” (a huge stripping/nude fest) “show” that we have here in the US….what Aliaa did was perhaps too big a step (at the moment) for Egypt but My God, someone had to do something! What @Egyptian liberal said was sadly true–that people will get caught up in the shock value of the act than the actual message–but like Sarah Sayah is quoted as saying, a shocking event is usually what is needed to start a revolution! The women of Egypt need someone to stand up, they need to know that it is not right to be treated like inferior sex symbols/housekeepers (I should know, since I felt rather uncomfortable at the stares I got living there–and I was usually dressed “chastely!”)

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