Egyptian Bloggers still suffering military prosecutions

Today, 13th of November 2011, Alaa Seif Abdelfattah received another 15 days of imprisonment. The prosecutor dropped only the charge of stealing a weapon from the army from Alaa. Maikel Nabil Sanad got his case postponed AGAIN till the 27th of November as the unauthorized appointed lawyer by the court asked for the reports from TE Data (internet provider) & the Military Intelligence about his blog.

On the other hand, the protesters who got detained from in front of the ministry of defence got released today.

Alaa will be celebrating his birthday after 5 days in prison, missing out on the birth of his first child -Khaled- named him after the martyr Khaled Said. As well as Maikel Nabil who is in risk of dying because of his hunger strike!

Up till today, the two bloggers are still in jail for doing nothing while those who murdered 27 innocent civilians and injured 300 others are still free and we know nothing about them. What kind of justice is that? Should be easier to get away with murder than getting away with writing a blog post nowadays?


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