Even martyrs couldn’t escape oppression

A martyr is defined to be the person who is put to death on behalf of a believe, principle or a cause. It is a fact that honouring martyrs is a must in all societies but, it seems like in Egypt the scene might be a bit different as we have changed the definition of the word “Martyr”.


Following January 28 which left over a thousand martyrs, the SCAF honoured them by the famous speech of General Elfangary who saluted the martyrs on the state TV giving Egyptians the feeling that they -The SCAF- are on the revolution’s side. Afterwards, statements kept on going from the SCAF mentioning “sorting” the martyrs in order to compensate their families.


Sorting the martyrs was based upon the location where the martyr got killed as well as his criminal record. Basically, all martyrs who died in front of police stations were considered as “thugs” who were attacking police stations intending to steal weapons; thus, who killed them is innocent and they won’t be considered as martyrs. It gets even worse as they considered disregarding any martyr with any criminal history!


Away from the fact that the compensation for who luckily gets considered by the SCAF as a martyr of our glorious revolution is 30,000 LE -The injured tourist in a shark attack in Sharm Elsheikh gets $50,000- being disregarded from his own country as a martyr and getting degraded to be a thug is the worst thing a family of a martyr can cope.


January 28

Mina Danial, who survived all the violence from the central security forces, military police and soldiers since the start of revolution died by the military’s bullets on the 9th of October at Maspero while chanting peacefully. He gave his life just because he wanted to say how unfair it was for a church to be destroyed one thousand kilometres away.


Not mentioning how Egyptians are still debating over who shall be considered as a martyr, not mentioning how the SCAF stated that the soldiers were not armed, not mentioning how Mina Danial was not considered as a martyr by his own country but also following his death he got his name as the first one accused of inciting violence against the military.


Unfortunately, our martyrs can not speak for themselves any more. They can’t defend themselves or reach for any kind of help or justice. It is unfair for those martyrs that we who are still breathing after witnessing ousting Mubarak can’t speak for them and fight for their right to justice from those who killed them and those who dishonoured them. Our martyrs shall be remembered as long as we are breathing and future generations should remember each and every individual who died for this country dreaming of a civil Egypt. If the government would forge history, then our blogs would still keep the truth.

RIP Mina Danial



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