Is this the rebirth of our revolution?

After the great mobilization for Friday November the 18th which was called for to demand that the SCAF should set up an exact date to step down for a civil president as well as calling off the constitutional amendment aka “The Selmy’s document” that guarantees the military total privacy from being questioned by the parliament or the president, hundreds of thousands took the streets but only a few hundreds proceeded with a sit-in in Tahrir square.


Today, the Central Security Forces tried evacuating Tahrir square using tear gas canisters which led to more violence from both sides ending in burning a CSF truck and thousands gathering to defend the families of the revolutionaries who were injured – Who were in the sit-in demanding their rights -.


The violence kept going on between the CSF and the protesters. The CSF used rubber bullets. Malek Mustafa the activist whom I respect, who helped me on January the 28th by giving me a mask to avoid the tear gas got shot in the eye by a rubber bullet, he is currently in surgery but unfortunately he lost his eye. Ahmed Abdelfattah who is a photographer for Elmasry Elyoum newspaper lost his eye as well by a rubber bullet. which means that the CSF were intentionally shooting the bullets aiming at the faces of the protesters. Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed, 23 years old, died from a live bullet that went through his chest and it was confirmed by the hospital, time of death 8:30 pm.


After the CSF evacuated Tahrir square totally, they kept chasing protesters all around Kasr Elneil bridge and Talaat Harb street but the protesters fought back till the CSF backed off and the protesters occupied Tahrir square once more while the CSF only blocked the street leading to the ministry of interior.


The coverage of the state TV was shameful – AS USUAL – as the assistant of the minister of interior Samy Sidhom – Who was responsible for detaining activists during 2005 and 2006- said that all those who were in Tahrir are paid thugs, anarchists, infiltrators and people who are just watching the action. He also promised that the police will use violence to end the “conspiracy” against Egypt as those thugs are trying to destroy the country.


After Tahrir square got filled up with protesters once again, the CSF attacked from all entrances using tear gas canisters -Made by Combined Systems, USA-  and rubber bullets. while the state TV did not stop claiming that all those who were in the protests are thugs and anarchists who are aiming at destroying the country.


This is the rebirth of our revolution, this is the same scenario that happened on January 28, the protests are now in Alexandria, Suez, Mahalla,  Sohag, Mansoura and Cairo .. The people are fed up with the SCAF and the fake liars of Maspero.


More to come ..


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3 Responses to Is this the rebirth of our revolution?

  1. WHY are they repeating what Mubarak had done to the Jan 25 protesters?? Don’t people learn anything?? This is so inhumane. People should not be losing their eyes–or their lives–because they went out to protest.

    That being said, I really wish that the Egyptians who are constantly protesting would sit calmly instead or try to work out their grievances in some other way, the country needs unification in order to establish anything! 😦

    P.s. the power only out in tahrir sq or all of cairo?

  2. Githa says:

    The voice of ratoinliaty! Good to hear from you.

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