Update 4

Marches started in the cities of Arish and Assuit. Some tweets mentioning a martyr from Suez – Still unconfirmed – .


For the second time Tahrir got evacuated and the conflicts are still going on Kasr Elneil Bridge as the protesters are fighting their way back to the square.

According to Yosri Fouda 10 journalists got injured and 2 got arrested, the syndicate of journalists announced that they were targeted.


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One Response to Update 4

  1. It is clear that where ever people of conscience gather to protest oppression whether by the state or the corporations or those who would use religion in support of such oppression those in power resort to murder and brutality as the answer. It may be little comfort but at least thanks to technology their crimes can and are exposed and someday justice will will out and they will be but a sad and bitter memory.

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