My trip to the Egyptian embassy in Stockholm

Got a call saying there was a protest in front of the embassy today while I was on my way home to I returned to join. Arrived there to find myself alone with the friend I picked up on my way. Later, another friend came and two Swedish girls.

Since we had a permit, a police car was there with two policemen. It was really embarrassing that 5 people showed up and 2 policemen waiting for them! Since it was not a “protest” so I decided to enter the embassy to ask about the controversial issues of the right to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The staff was not there but the guy who stays inside -Mahmoud- opened the door for us. He got us the records of Egyptians who registered themselves, the number was 700, I don’t know if that is good or bad but supposedly 700 Egyptians were granted the right to vote through the embassy in Stockholm.

“When is the last day for the embassy to receive the envelops?” I asked


“You know that today is Thursday and the application just got uploaded today, which means that the best case scenario of sending the letter today would let you get it here on Monday not putting into consideration that the website goes down for 10 minutes every one hour since it started the registration process”

“Well, you can come to the embassy, we are working on Saturday”

“Yeah, but how about people living out of Stockholm? this is not fair”

“I don’t know, that is all what I know”!

That was the conversation mainly. Disregarding the fact that I am now 100% against this parliamentary elections as it will take place while the SCAF is still in power, I needed to make sure that my point was valid as Egyptians will still not be able to vote.


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