When trust went off the table

Since ousting Mubarak on February 18, the SCAF took over the country without any legality except being the armed institution of Egypt. We accepted it, we have chanted for them and returned home waiting for the change we have asked for.


After attacking sit-ins and protests in February, we turned a blind eye to avoid clashes. After girls were forced to undergo humiliating, disgusting and inhumane virginity tests and revolutionaries getting tortured and jailed, Maikel Nabil wrote about it and ended up in jail up till that moment paying for writing about the truth when no one dared to do it.


The SCAF lied to our faces and to the whole world claiming that “The armed forces were not armed”, “Not one soldier used violence towards protesters”, “No virginity tests or torture ever took place”, “We will hand in the country for a civil president in 6 months”[1] etc.. and later they do admit some of those acts!


We waited and held to patience that no man could bare. We tried as much as possible to stay as peaceful as a human could be. For the past 4 days 37 got killed and 3000 got injured, according to forensics 7 Egyptians died with live bullets. Putting into consideration that our forensics are a bunch of hypocrites who always forge reports according to the government’s will we should expect that the number is way higher.


Still, ElEssawy the minister of interior claimed that “Not one rubber bullet or a live bullet was used”! believe it or not .. NOT ONE SINGLE BULLET WAS USED! After all the videos, official and unofficial reports he still insists that NOT ONE SINGLE BULLET WAS USED and the CSF were self-controlled!


It seems like those old people are still living in an era when they use fax and telex for communication and their best technology would be mobile phones. It seems like they didn’t get the chance to learn about social media that turned the world against them by uncovering their lies and crimes to the whole world.


The SCAF can never stay in power for one more minute. Revolutionaries in Tahrir came up with an idea written initially by activist Ahmed Gharbia and edited by Malek Moustafa which he published on his blog under the name “National Salvation Council to save the current situation”  and it’s main points are:

Forming the council from the current revolutionary presidential candidates to be in charge for 6 months. During the six months their job would be to reform the police force, judiciary and media in the country to be followed by parliamentary and presidential elections.


Personally, I believe that this is the best solution ever to overcome the military dictatorship that violated every human right and went against every demand of our revolution. you can check the

Amnesty International report on SCAF human rights violations “Broken Promises”


Can we ever trust them when they say “we want democracy for Egypt”? are they trustworthy any more?


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