Egypt is NOT Tahrir!

After living some weirdly amazing days on a square that got the whole world to talk about, I finally took in the fact that Egypt is NOT Tahrir.

I will stop listening to anyone talking about the “revolutionaries” because up till today no one knows the real revolutionaries. The real revolutionaries who were behind the creation of the utopia that got the whole world to talk about, the real revolutionaries whom I saw on the streets running after the tear gas canisters to throw them back at the police instead of running from them like myself, the real revolutionaries who would go against bullets in the middle of the fog created by the extensive tear gas to save a person who couldn’t handle inhaling the gas. Those were the real revolutionaries who were detained, tortured and got forgotten.


Somehow nowadays every single politician or official claimed once or twice having a talk with “The youth of Tahrir”, well “The youth of Tahrir” are not some kind of a coalition but why the hell not add their name on a headline which gives credibility and who cares! well, I CARE! cause I was there and I don’t want anyone to be giving any crappy statements or agreements on behalf of the real youth of Tahrir except for our real one true statement “Civil country with bread, freedom and social justice” which was our main chant everywhere, period.


If any human being experienced life on Tahrir square for one of the first 18 days he would do whatever it takes to see life in his city just like that of the Tahrir, I’m talking about the place where a person doesn’t worry about anything but protecting the people with him whether he knows them or not, where no one cares about no one’s religion, ethnicity, gender, race or anything; where everyone takes a single small role whether to protect the square, help the media, lead the chanting, bringing food, singing or anything that helps in exchange of living in this utopia. So, yes Egypt is not Tahrir. But we will change it to be like Tahrir whether the world liked it or not!


If the Tahrir square represented Egypt then of course we would never be complaining now, but the fact is that Tahrir was a utopia that we created and we need to make it expand to cover the whole world instead of shrinking till it disappears. People are still freaking out from the Islamists taking over the parliament while I am seeing it totally different; firstly it was something totally expected as they have been always the organized political force and secondly it will be great to see those who kept bragging for decades about corruption and how they can change the country for better when they get into action .. If the parliament had a liberal majority they would have kept bragging so the sooner we see them in action the better. So, basically they should be the ones afraid not us!


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3 Responses to Egypt is NOT Tahrir!

  1. unless… they pull up the democracy ladder that leads to the “throne” behind them. like hammas did in Gaza and like the Ayotallahs did in Iran and the Sudanese parliment. They all won in democratic elections then democracy was thrown in the toilet with everyone who ever stood by it. ya3ni haywadoona kolena f dahya. bas enta 3ayesh bara, so if they arrest me, you better write something good about me!!!!

    • They can’t do that cause those who took out Mubarak will take them out as well, they should learn from what happened with Mubarak.
      And don’t worry I’m coming back soon, if anything happened to you most probably you’ll find me where they will take you 😀

  2. Tallulah says:

    If you guys ever manage to make Egypt like Tahrir was, there will be a little voice in Canada cheering for you. In fact, there will be many little voices around the globe cheering for you too. And with a bit of luck, maybe your utopia will spread around the world. Yalla, Egypt!

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