Call me a traitor

Oppression for the sake of stability,

Old farts in the name of liability,

Still seeking for sustainability,

With the same rotten mentality.  



Are we getting punished for saying NO?

After starting a revolution how can we bow?

If there is anyone who shall lay low

It should be the regime from head to toe



Kill, torture, jail and excruciate,

After all the extortion we won’t prostrate ,

Getting real democracy is Egypt’s fate,

And for reaching there, we’ll never hesitate.



Go ahead and call me a traitor,

‘Cause I’m standing against a dictator,

We know well who is the infiltrator,

Who sold our country to the alligators.


About justanegyptian

Just An Egyptian
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One Response to Call me a traitor

  1. hanyfhg says:

    funny synical but so true and simply states ever
    ything in a nut shell
    that’s Mina deep and simple

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