Bloggers vs. The SCAF

When the General Al-Roweiny confess on air that he was the one behind spreading rumours to control the crowd in Tahrir it was OK but when Maikel Nabil wrote about what actually happened in Tahrir he got jailed for “spreading rumours” despite of the evidence he showed.


Osama Heikal the x-minister of the media who was responsible for inciting violence against Christian Egyptians during the Maspero incident is still free because it is OK but Maikel Nabil writing about the virginity tests was not OK although the SCAF confessed that it was true later.


Hamdy Badin who was responsible for all the torture and murder done by the military police goes on TV normally to speak and express himself while Maikel Nabil is in jail because he tried to express his point of view.


The SCAF is still inciting violence against the revolutionaries, spreading rumours and describes the youth movements as traitors while jailing bloggers like Maikel Nabil, Alaa Abdelfattah, Ayman Youssef and Peter Azmy and yet no one if moving to save them from oppression.


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