Fighting for freedom will always prevail

Every month instead of celebrating any new victories for the revolution we grieve over new martyrs. From January 25, 28, February 2, passing by torture and virginity tests on March and excessive brutality on April 9 followed by the Abasseya incident, Maspero, Mohammed Mahmoud and today the occupy cabinet sit-in.

It is confirmed that seven martyrs died after getting shot by live bullets mostly in the head. While revolutionaries are still fighting for their freedom the state media is still inciting violence against them along with private channels who are focusing on the parliamentary elections instead of the massacre happening there and even some channels went totally off topic to discuss the Christian-Muslim relationship bringing Salafi fanatics to spread hate speech!

I’m just in a terrible mood to write or even keep following the news but I am sure that the revolution will succeed whether the SCAF, the MB, the Salafis or anyone else liked it or not. Fighting for freedom will always prevail.


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