Some of the SCAF’s violations December 2011

It has been over 48 hours since the clashes started in front of the Egyptian Cabinet and this is how it started (Watch the video with English subtitles) Aboudi’s testimony:

Afterwards, thugs along with army soldiers atop of the cabinet’s building started throwing the protesters who were at the sit-in with rocks, glass, and molotov cocktails, many were detained and tortured including girls, women and kids. the videos will show you how excessive the violence was:

This is a video of soldiers beating a girl, stripping her or her clothes and beating the guy who was trying to get her out as well then afterwards a soldier shooting from a gun towards the protesters:

Rasha Azab‘s testimony mainly talking about the kidnapping cases of activists and how the army was throwing rocks, glass and marble pieces at them [Arabic]

A boy helping put out the fire

This is a video showing the molotov cocktails thrown from the the cabinet’s building

The last moments for a 16 years old kid who died after getting shot

Dragging protesters on Elkasr Eleiny street

An unidentified martyr who got shot in the mouth and the bullet got out from the back of his head

Those are 95 photos from the clashes

Here are some other pics:

Finally check this post

A playlist of 122+ videos of violations


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3 Responses to Some of the SCAF’s violations December 2011

  1. @bmenshawy says:

    great sum up

  2. The first video is so disturbing. It’s being shown on every news website–French, American, you name it. It’s so sad that man can do this to another person…it’s almost unbelievable. 😦

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