Egypt: The Parliament’s results updated

So far we know who got 426 seats in the parliament out of 498. Out of the 498 seats there are 316 seats reserved for lists. The list of which the Freedom and Justice Party belongs (FJP) got 207 seats of which 192 seats went to the FJP members. The Nour party along with two other parties (Salafis) got 106 seats representing 25% of the parliament. Elwafd party got 45 seats, “The Egyptian Mass” -Liberal- got 43 seats, The centre party got 11 seats and finally the “Revolution Continues” got 9 seats. Out of all the parliament members only 3 women from the FJP & Elwafd and 3 Copts two of them from the MB and one from the “Egyptian Mass” won.

During the first phase of elections the number of people who voted was 8.5 million out of 17.5 million (52%). During the second phase 67% voted and during the final phase 62% voted.



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