Egypt, Revolting or Reforming?

It has been almost a year since we ousted Mubarak. Now, it became quiet obvious that none of the revolution’s demands were met except for demanding Mubarak’s stepping down but that leaves us with “Bread, Freedom, Social Justice & above all Toppling the regime that still exists” which were never met, even the trial of Mubarak and his fellows came shockingly slow and more of a staged act than a trial of a dictator that was supposedly overthrown by a revolution.


As we come closer to the second January 25, we realize how nothing has changed but in fact, it got worse. Bloggers getting jailed, activists tortured, kidnapped or assassinated, revolutionaries characterized as traitors or thugs and finally today comes the hilariously ironic argument of Fareed Eldeeb (Mubarak’s defence lawyer) to kill us by his dark humour.


Mr.Eldeeb claimed in court today that Mubarak is still in fact the president of Egypt, he never stepped down but just delegated the SCAF to run the country for a while! He also noted that if Mubarak is to be tried, the trial should be in a special court according to the 1971 constitution as the constitution announced by the SCAF was illegal and they should be sued for what they have done as the delegation didn’t give them the rights to do so.


Anyway, during the past couple of months activists got divided somehow into groups. Most probably the two main ideologies are as following: one that is calling for reforms and the other which calls for continuing the revolution to get rid of the regime totally before taking any further steps.


From my perspective I see that there are a lot of contradictions thus, problems for our “revolution”. For a long time now we kept on accepting those contradictions in a hope of creating a new way of a reforming strategy as we may say “Reforming, The Egyptian way”. The simplest example was the referendum of the constitutional amendments or even the parliamentary elections, the question here is “Can elections work in parallel with a revolution?” Revolution & Elections, Civil State & Religious Laws, Celebrating Jan25 with the SCAF & Toppling the regime.


There is no doubt that the regime is still there with full power, so what is the solution? or lets ask the question: Will an armoured regime that is in full power leave the power with reforms or shall we revolt to topple it? The fact is that first solution sounds pretty utopian while the second one sounds realistic but it always comes with a bloodbath and finally, I’m still confused as I got lost somewhere between revolting and reforming!



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