My first day in Egypt

Since I arrived and I have been longing for getting to Tahrir square, that square where I spent my last night in Cairo before travelling. When I got back it was so different than that square I know. Every single thing about it got changed. The number of people was real low and speakers playing the Quran very loudly. I kept thinking to myself “Where the hell are the revolutionaries? where did the chanting against the SCAF go? where is the square that I know?!”


I left quickly to Maspero to find that the Tahrir spirit that I know moved there right in front of the state TV building. I went back to Tahrir square at 7 pm as there was a march from Mohammed Mahmoud street to Maspero, that street where hundreds got murdered and thousands got injured by the CSF. About five thousand protesters marched chanting against the SCAF and Tantawi, it was amazing!


I met a hell of activists who I have been following on twitter for more than a year. The best part was meeting Aya Abdullah by co-incidence once I entered the Maspero area. We kept talking about the days we spent in Tahrir and the night I spent with them at the Hisham Mubarak centre in down town. It was a damn perfect day 🙂


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One Response to My first day in Egypt

  1. samehegyptson says:

    i admire you and your friends.
    Sameh Egyptson

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