Friday, Feb 2: The president first

Last Friday February the second there was a planned march from Mustafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square to stress on demanding having a president before writing the constitution.

It was nostalgic for me to go through the same roads again just like January 25 2011, even the same person that I met that day from twitter -@Faroukadel who came with me from Maadi, our second time to meet was on that day! I picked him up from the same place in Maadi to go to Tahrir.

On our way to Mustafa Mahmoud square we kept remembering what we have been saying the last time we were on to the same destination, all our fears if the police stopped us on our way, our enthusiasm and expectations.

The march started, of course the numbers were much more than the last time I was there a year ago. The best thing also was that our chants were echoing all over the area with no existence for any of the central security forces like January 25 last year. It was just AWESOME!

The best moment during the march was when we stopped on Kasr Elnile bridge and almost 30 thousand protester chanted in one voice “Down down the military rule”, the echo came back after a while and we couldn’t believe at first that it was our echo, we thought it was another march in down town but it was actually out echo!

After entering Tahrir square about 4 hours of marching, we rested for a while, charged our mobiles and had a bite then I headed to Mansour street with Amira Nosseir. The clashes were still on going, tear gas everywhere, countless injuries carried out one after the other. I couldn’t handle being there for more than half an hour and went out again.

The main chants were:

“Talk, Don’t fear, The SCAF must leave”

“Down down with the military rule, we are the people the red line”

“This wasn’t a football issue, This was a military massacre”

“The president before the constitution, I won’t wait for six months”

“The people demand the execution of Tantawi”




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